Big Brother 19 is definitely off a rocky start as, before the live feeds even started, two HGs were gone. Cameron was evicted on the first night, but in a rare chain of events, another HG, Megan Lowder, left the game. Why did she do it?

Megan, the 28-year-old dog walker and former Navy interrogator, left the show and walked out of the house without informing her fellow HGs and on the live feeds we’ve heard accounts that she was caught in a web of lies involving racial slurs, got into a huge fight and then went into the diary room and never came back.

Now we have Megan’s official statement as she is outside of the house and out of the game. In an interview with the Desert Sun, Megan revealed that when she was stationed in Norfolk, Virginia, she was the victim of a sexual assault and had severe PTSD from that traumatic event. In the Big Brother 19 house, being yelled at by large guys like Josh, Cody and Mark triggered her PTSD, giving her a panic attack, causing her to throw up and ultimately leading to her leaving the game.

She spent several days in the hospital, then was released and is now back home with her friends and family. Megan says it was a mutual decision between her and the producers that she would not return to the house.

In addition, Megan commented on the rumored reason for her leaving based on what the HGs have been saying on the live feeds. Megan claims that she overheard Jessica refer to Alex as a “Panda,” which she took as a derogatory slur about Alex being Asian. Megan says she may have misheard, but she reported it back to Alex and that led to a big fight with Alex, Jessica and Coody.

Megan says she was already talking to the producers about leaving before that incident, but her ensuing panic attack made it clear that leaving was the correct decision for her.

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