When The Bachelorette lost Chad in season 12, the show struggled to do anything remotely interesting for the rest of the season. After shrugging Chad off in the first few minutes of episode 2, Bachelor in Paradise had no such problem. When you lose one crazy person on Bachelor in Paradise, there is always another one right around the corner.  

Bachelor in Paradise actually doubled down on the crazy, bringing not one but two potential new villains in Chad’s wake. It wasn’t just Leah and Josh who brought the weirdness to Mexico, however. There was a whole host of other issues going on. Here are 7 of the craziest moments.

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Leah Looking for Chad in All the Wrong Places

It’s more than likely that Leah’s desire to take Chad on a date (after he had already been kicked out) was something staged by producers. Still, it’s hard to deny that Leah’s desire to date Chad was the perfect way to set up her short-lived Bachelor in Paradise stint. Many people might not remember Leah from The Bachelor but she made a “unique” and lasting impression on Bachelor in Paradise. If there is one word to describe Leah it is “delusional” and thinking that Chad would be a good date is a perfect example of delusional thinking. 

Leah’s Constant Stream of Lies

Leah’s biggest claim to fame before Bachelor in Paradise was lying about Lauren B. on The Bachelor and then freaking out about lying about Lauren B. In Bachelor in Paradise, Leah decided to double down on her stream of dishonesty by seemingly not telling a single truth on camera. Whether it was talking about how she actually wanted to date Chad, saying that she was such “good friends” with the other girls or overall just pretending she wasn’t crazy and desperate, everything about Leah was fake. 

Leah’s “Single White Female”-ing of Amanda

As much of a human trainwreck as Leah is, it does seem unusually cruel to poke fun at her appearance. Even if the weird parts of the way Leah looks now are down to her own actions, it’s still her choice. She wants to look like a slutty clown, more power to her. That’s her choice. The thing that is really strange about Leah’s new big-lipped look on Bachelor in Paradise is that it really was like a poor imitation of Amanda. Leah was even wearing similar clothes to Amanda. Leah mocking Amanda about their similarities before the latter’s date with Nick might have been an effort to unnerve Amanda. In reality it just made Leah look completely unhinged and terrifying. 

Daniel’s Speed Dating from Awkward Hell

Daniel was born to be on Bachelor in Paradise. Daniel is so weird and such an oddball that there is nowhere he belongs more than the Bachelor in Paradise resort in Mexico. It’s Daniel and his special Daniel-ness that made the pre-rose ceremony scramble as entertaining as it was cringe-worthy. 

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Daniel frequently talks about his “high standards” but if his conversations with the ladies can be believed, those standards change with the drop of a hat. He went from thinking that all the girls, except the twins, were washed-up dogs to thinking that Sarah is the most beautiful woman he has ever seen. Daniel might still be as crazy as a future serial killer but at least he is an entertaining one…

The Hottest (and Worst) Kiss Ever

Carly and Evan’s date was so wonderfully awkward. Bachelor in Paradise really does love to humiliate its contestants and it is cruel. It’s so incredibly entertaining that it should never stop. It’s a work of evil genius that Bachelor in Paradise saw that Carly was not at all into Evan and devised a date which had them kiss in public for over a minute. That’s if you can even call what Evan and Carly did with their mouths together “kissing.” Little girls playing with dolls are able to put on more passionate displays of affection smashing their dolls together. 

Dog with Cancer = Single Mom with Two Kids

I love dogs. I am the person that makes friends with people’s dogs at a party over the actual human guests. Even I think that Josh’s opening conversation about comparing his ordeal with his sick dog to Amanda raising to kids was utterly ridiculous. Josh Murray is a liar and romantic shyster of the highest order and it’s amazing that this ploy for sympathy not only was used but worked.  

Amanda Falling for Josh’s Lines

Nick’s losing his mind over Josh going on a date with Amanda was pathetic. (It also doesn’t help that nearly everyone kept asking him about it and feeding his paranoia.) It’s not like Nick didn’t have reason to be upset with Josh, though, because for whatever reason, Josh has a way with charming people. While it was plainly obvious that everything Josh was saying to Amanda was as “fictional” as Josh claims Andi Dorfman’s Tell-All Book is, Amanda bought it hook, line and sinker. Amanda’s quickness to believe Josh might be just as outrageous as their disgusting make-out sessions that followed. 

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