The Power of Veto hasn’t been very important recently on Big Brother 17. For the last three times, it hasn’t been used at all, leaving the HoH’s original nominees on the block. Who won the PoV this time around?

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John is the returning juror and Vanessa is the new HoH. She nominated James and Meg. Austin, Liz and Julia were picked to play.

James won the Power of Veto!

Finally, it’s going to be used again. James is extremely happy, feeling like it’s “righteous” and “karma.”

The competition was hide and seek, where each of the HGs had to hide something in the house and then look for each others’ one by one, and the house is completely destroyed. Liz and Julia boasted about dumping Meg’s stuff everywhere, but of course they complained about people dumping her stuff. Liz, Meg and Vanessa’s were found first and it sounds like Vanessa found Austin’s by accident. James hid his under a rug.

Obviously this is a terrible situation for Vanessa and she is extremely mad. James will probably save himself (he did mention maybe using it to save Meg beforehand, but she immediately shot that idea down). So Vanessa will need to put someone next to Meg.

Thus far, her top candidates seem to be John, Steve or Julia. She’s shown resistance to nominating Johnny Mac because she suspects the AusTwins might vote him out over Meg. Heck, anyone being used as a pawn should be scared of that since she’s so bad at competitions.

It should be an interesting weekend of John, Steve and the AusTwins all pleading their cases to Vanessa NOT to be the replacement nominee. And it will be equally interesting to see if the vote flips to save Meg and keep her and James in the game together.

Julia is also furious that James won. She’s promised Vanessa that the AusTwins will vote out Meg if John goes on the block, but Vanessa clearly doesn’t believe it. Vanessa seems to be trying to plant seeds so she can put Steve or Julia on the block.


-James is the fourth person this season ti win multiple PoV competitions, following John, Steve and Vanessa.

-James is the first person ever to win 2 HoHs, 2 PoVs and 2 BoBs, as no one did it last year when the Battle of the Block was introduced.

-James now has 6 competition wins. Vanessa has 5, Liz, Steve and John have 4, Austin has 2, Meg has 1 and Julia has 0.

-James is the 18th person to win the “double/double,” meaning at least 2 HoHs and 2 PoVs. Vanessa has also done this.

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