There are no more second chances on Big Brother 17. Now that a member of the jury has returned to the game, every eviction is permanent as we’re less than a month away from the finale. So who’s in danger this week?

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John is the returning juror and Vanessa is the new HoH.

She nominated James and Meg.

At this point, Vanessa is solidifying her position with everyone EXCEPT these two nominees. She obviously has Austin’s Angels and the Scamper Squad, but it seems she was somewhat genuine in her desire to work with Johnny Mac last week. Vanessa has even talked to Steve and John about working together as a trio that will be able to beat out the AusTwins down the road.

Vanessa is also making big plans for her endgame. Miss “Solo Dolo” now has Final 2 deals with Austin, Steve and Julia. She is spending a lot of time talking about how much everyone in the jury hates her and she’d be a perfect person to take to the finale. She definitely needs to do that work since she’s won three HoHs, two PoVs and got backdoored as the target, yet campaigned and got the entire house to vote to keep her when Becky was HoH. It’s definitely a “masterful game.”

The target flips back and forth, like the last two weeks, but James seems to be the one going to the jury house if he doesn’t win the Power of Veto. Vanessa definitely doesn’t want the PoV to be used because if it is, she needs a replacement nominee. Austin and the twins assume it would be Johnny Mac, but Vanessa is already trying to plant seeds that it should be Steve or even Julia (because she knows the AusTwins would probably vote out John if he goes up).

The Have-Nots

It’s the final week of Have-Nots and Vanessa had to pick four HGs, meaning half the house is on Slop. John volunteered and she also chose Julia, Meg and James. In other words, Vanessa, Steve, Austin and Liz are the only people who aren’t Have-Nots.

The fact that Austin and Liz weren’t chosen and refused to volunteer really ticked off James and Meg and made them suspicious. Austin and Liz haven’t done it since week 6 while James and Meg were Have-Nots in week 7 and John was a Have-Not in week 8.


-This is the fourth nomination for both James and Meg. Steve also has four while John has six. Meanwhile, Austin’s Angels (Austin, Liz, Julia and Vanessa) still have a combined total of only two nominations between the four of them.

-If Austin isn’t the replacement nominee (which he won’t be), he will survive 11 evictions without ever going on the block. Last year’s winner Derrick Levasseur is the only other person to ever do that (he survived 15 rounds). Austin would also be guaranteed to make it to Day 78 (Thursday’s double eviction) without going on the block. Only Derrick (97 days) and season 3 finalist Jason Guy (78 days) have made it that long without a nomination.

-Only eight HGs have ever survived 11 evictions without ever facing a vote. This year, Austin, Liz and Julia could all join that list if none of them are the replacement nominee.

-Vanessa is the 20th person to win three HoH competitions in a single season, but only the sixth woman to do it. The others were season 5’s Nakomis, Janelle Pierzina from All-Stars, season 13 winner Rachel Reilly, season 15’s Aaryn Gries and Nicole Franzel last year (though technically, Nicole was dethroned twice).

-Vanessa is also only the 17th person ever to win five HoH and PoV competitions in a single season.

-This season there were 28 total Have-Nots, the second highest ever (season 15 had 29 while last year only had 27). Steve, John, Julia, James and Meg were all Have-Nots three times, joining the list of 17 former HGs who had to do it at least three times since Have-Nots were created in season 11. Jace and Jeff were the only HGs who were never Have-Nots.

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