It feels like only yesterday that Shelli and Jackie went to the jury house in the first double eviction of Big Brother 17. Actually it was three weeks ago, but it’s still a little crazy that we’re already facing another double eviction. Julia and Meg are on the block and before the night is over, one of them and another HG will be heading to the jury house.

Interestingly, three of the last four double evictions have featured two women getting voted out (Amanda/Elissa in season 15, Nicole/Christine in season 16 and Shelli/Jackie earlier this season). Could that trend continue, leaving five women in the jury house and all four men still in the game? Or will a guy finally get eliminated for the first time since Clay?

BUT FIRST…this is my Big Brother 17 live blog!

Is There Hope for Meg?

Meg knows sitting next to Julia essentially dooms her. James is more optimistic that some of the HGs might be willing to break up the AusTwins. Julia also sees it that way. They’re right, these people would be IDIOTS to keep Julia over Meg.

Johnny Mac wants to make deals and break them to alienate people in the jury so he won’t be seen as such a threat. He makes a Final 2 deal with Vanessa, joining Austin, Steve and Julia as the people who have Final 2 deals with Miss Solo Dolo. James pitches evicting Julia to Johnny Mac. He seems on board with it, except that it would go against Vanessa.

John talks to Steve about maybe flipping the vote. Steve isn’t sure what to do, he just loves that he has to make such a hard choice in this game. Steve talks to Vanessa about making the move against Julia because he doesn’t want them to go to Final 5 with the AusTwins. Steve thinks James would agree not to target them if they save Meg, but Vanessa shoots it down. Steve has a nervous breakdown because he knows he should vote out Julia, but he doesn’t want to.

The First Eviction

Meg wants everyone to vote independently. Julia talks about how challenging it was to pretend to be Liz.

Liz votes to evict…Meg
James votes to evict…Julia
Steve votes to evict…Meg (the audience groans)
John votes to evict…Meg
Austin votes to evict…Meg

Meg is evicted 4-1!

Meg is happy James is still in the house. She doesn’t regret evicting Shelli. She was scared of Vanessa, but she probably would’ve been her target. She emphasizes that James has NO SHOT with her.

The HoH Competition

It’s a question game where they look at a pair of photos and must answer a true or false question about them. If you’re wrong, you’re out.

Question 1: Everyone is right
Question 2: Steve and James are out (crap)
Question 3: Austin and John are out

Ugh, we’re down to the twins. This is the worst.

Question 4: They’re both right
Question 5: They’re both right
Question 6: They’re both right

Why is this still going on?

Question 7: Julia is out

Liz is the new HoH!

Well, I fully expect James and Johnny Mac to go on the block, with Steve as a replacement if the PoV is used. I really just don’t care anymore.

The Nominations

We hear a brief bit of Liz saying James is her target.

Liz nominates James and John!

No duh. She’s sticking to the people she’s been loyal to since the beginning. Also, one is her boyfriend and one is her twin sister, so obviously she had limited options.

The Power of Veto Competition

Vanessa is the only one not playing. One at a time, the HGs roll two balls along a boomerang into holes with points. The highest combined score wins.

Steve: 0+0=0
John: 0+0=0

Well, this is stupid.

Austin: 6+9=15
Liz: 15+0=15
Julia: 13+4=17
James: 0+0=0

Julia wins the Power of Veto!

Well, that was truly awful and now the twins win BOTH comps in the double eviction. When more than half of the balls go off the board, you know it’s a poorly designed comp.

Julia does NOT use the Power of Veto!

Again, no duh. Will they take out Johnny Mac again or just get rid of James like they wanted to last week?

The Second Eviction

James says he’s only there for his daughter. Johnny Mac doesn’t have anything funny and wants to stay.

Austin votes to evict…James
Julia votes to evict…James
Vanessa votes to evict…James
Steve votes to evict…James

James is evicted 4-0!

Well, that’s a depressing night where the two most likable people are both gone. Now the world must root for Vanessa, Steve and Johnny Mac to take out the AusTwins. On the bright side, I will be shocked if James DOESN’T win Fan Favorite. Inside, Vanessa is already crying. And Johnny Mac is obviously the odd man out with the Scamper Squad. James knows he doesn’t have a shot with Meg.

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