The Twin Twist officially ends on this episode of Big Brother 17. Liz and Julia are on the block together and one will be evicted in sixth place. It’s also time for the show to speed up as, after tonight, there are only four more real episodes left in the season (not counting the gratuitous clip show on September 20).

Before we get into the rapid-fire competitions of the last two weeks (there will basically be six comps in the next seven days), the twins must be split up and a new HG will rise to power as the Final 5 HoH. Winning guarantees yourself a spot in the Final 4, but it also means you can’t play for the Final 4 HoH.

BUT FIRST…this is my Big Brother 17 live blog!

Twin vs. Twin

After the PoV ceremony, everyone is crying except Johnny Mac, who doesn’t care at all. Liz thinks Julia sacrificed her identity and now it’s time for her to shine, claiming she wants to be evicted. Julia ALSO wants to sacrifice herself because Liz is a better competitor and deserves to stay.

Vanessa and Johnny Mac discuss how Austin is fighting for Liz. John wants to take out Liz and Vanessa enjoys being the swing vote. Meanwhile, Liztin finally get a clue that Vanessa has Final 2 deals with everyone except Liz. This makes the AusTwins want to keep Liz so she can win.

Austin uses the fact that the twins want Julia to be evicted to convince Vanessa to honor it. Vanessa decides not to create enemies by agreeing to this, but only after making a deal with Liztin. She wants them not to nominate her next week and keep her if she is on the block. She also wants to decide whether John or Steve get evicted AND she wants a Final 2 deal with either of them if the other isn’t in the Final 3. Liz agrees but has no intention of honoring this sham of a deal.

Vanessa chats with Steve to go over the pros and cons of Liz and Julia. Liz is a better competitor and would win at the end, but Julia is like Victoria and might be dragged to the end if she stays.

Messages from Home

Julie Chen chats with the HGs and shows them videos of their loved ones from home. John’s family is hilarious. Steve’s mom makes him cry. If they ever do an all-relatives season, I would endorse John’s brother and Steve’s mom to be on next season.

The Jury House

Shelli, Jackie and Becky love Johnny Mac. When Meg shows up they watch the competitions, including the destruction of the house. Then Meg and Jackie are so disappointed to see James. James is just happy to get to prank Meg some more. Shelli is rooting for John and Steve, but she knows Vanessa deserves to win. Yeah, Vanessa is definitely going to win if she’s in the Final 2.

The Live Eviction

Liz talks about playing as twins in a speech that sounds every bit as rehearsed as it is. Yeah, the twins love each other. We get it.

Austin votes to evict…Julia
Vanessa votes to evict…Julia
John votes to evict…Julia

Julia is evicted 3-0!

What’s going on? The useless pawns NEVER get evicted over stronger competitors. This is definitely an odd season because I feel like everyone in the Final 5 could make a legitimate argument for winning the game. Although obviously Vanessa wins against all of them.

I’m not a fan of Julia getting cheers from the audience. She did NOTHING in the game besides out the Twin Twist to Vanessa. I’m envious of the British version where people get booed. If Julia could do it again, she wouldn’t have challenged Austin in the PoV competition. Julia also claims to support her sister’s relationship with Austin, contrary to everything we’ve seen and heard from her. Julia thinks Liztin will still be together at Christmas, but him being her brother-in-law is a longshot.

Goodbye Messages: John is sad he couldn’t evict both of the twins at the same time. Liz vows to fight for them. Austin is sorry he couldn’t protect the twins, but he loves Liz with all his heart.

The HoH Competition

Do you remember when they used to crown the new HoH during the live Thursday episode? Me neither since it hasn’t happened since Vanessa and Jackie winning Knockout in week 5. Yet again we have an endurance competition. It’s the challenge where you must navigate 10 eggs through wires, only this time they must navigate the eggs overhead as they walk under a rainbow.

There’s also a Luxury prize for a trip outside of the house near the end of the course and the first person to get it wins. The competition won’t end until HoH and the Luxury prize are won.

Liz loses two eggs right away. It’s super boring to watch as Austin takes an early lead with Vanessa and John close behind. When the episode ends, Austin has one egg and is working on his second while everyone else is still behind.

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The Final 5 eviction will take place on Tuesday at 8pm while the Final 4 eviction is on Wednesday next week.

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