On the last episode of Project Runway, the remaining designers were split into two teams. While the men’s team excelled, the women’s team floundered and Ashley was left feeling alienated by her teammates. Let’s hope all of the ladies can leave the drama behind them and start fresh with the next challenge.

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Let’s Get Intimate

Heidi meets the designers on the runway accompanied by several mannequins clad only in lingerie. She tells them that they’re going to have to create a lingerie look inspired by the Heidi Klum Intimates Collection. The winning look will be reproduced and sold as a part of her collection online.

The designers head to the workroom where they find tables of appropriate fabric, including the tiny little bows that adorn underwear. Tim tells them all they have a base bra to work with, but they need to make sure that they show their creativity and put their own signatures into their looks instead of just pasting fabric on top of the base.

After the last challenge, Ashley is feeling a bit awkward around the other designers. But she’s eager to get to work. She wants to think about a product that would be available for a plus-sized woman to wear as well, so she wants to make something sexy, but supportive and practical.

Swapnil knows that Heidi has an eye for perfection, but he’s looking forward to making something provocative. His look is inspired by Madonna and he’s incorporating a “bondage” theme, but in pink instead of black. The problem is that he runs out of straps before he can complete his look.

Blake thinks the girls have an upper hand on this challenge because they wear lingerie and they know where the female anatomy is, which is apparently something that Blake doesn’t know. He’s struggling with the challenge and he makes two separate looks to show Heidi and Tim, but even after his critique, he’s still not sure what direction to go.

Laurie gravitates toward the fuchsia because she says it’s a grown woman’s pink. Heidi worries that there’s too much coverage on her panty and she needs to make it sexier.

Heidi says to Edmond on his critique, “Should I call you Captain Tacky?” (How rude, Heidi!) But she’s not wrong. Edmond is working on a bright pink bra with black piping and a turquoise thong. He has immunity this week but he knows he has to re-think his plan.

Surprise, surprise, Joseph is making something matronly, which Heidi points out right away. He agrees that the bra could use a little less fabric.

Candice believes that a woman should feel sexy no matter if other people can see it or not. She’s designing a sexy corset, a garter belt and matching panty. Heidi and Tim think it looks good, but warn her not to make it look too much like a dominatrix.

Lindsey has barely gotten started when she has a mishap with her scissors. She dropped them and when she tried to catch them, they stabbed her in the hand. She has to leave for three hours to get it stitched up and get a tetanus shot.

Jake’s working on a bra that is polka dotted and lined with lace. Heidi thinks it looks a bit junior, but Jake is more worried about making it too sexy because he has a more modest model. After their walk through, Heidi and Tim tell them to meet them on the runway in ten minutes. Everyone panics because they don’t know what the twist will be.

When they get on the runway, they see a bunch of blankets and pillows and mattresses. Heidi tells them they’ll have to create a sexy cover-up to go with their lingerie. They’ll also get more time to work through the night during their “sleepover.”

The designers do their best working through the night but they’re all exhausted. Both Blake and Jake start over. Everyone is scurrying to get things done and no one really has the time to put their focus on the cover-up. Lindsey is making a boyfriend shirt and Jake uses the same polka dot fabric as a sarong.

Stuttin’ That Stuff

Joining Heidi, Nina and Zac on the judging panel for this week’s Project Runway is actress Bella Thorne.

On the Top

Swapnil: Heidi says that he’s created a fierce bra that is very special, but the panty isn’t as spectacular. Nina says that his model looks powerful and the cover-up is sexy too. She says the white makes it sophisticated where it may have gone too far if it were in black. Zac thinks the straps are a little too much, but it was effective for the runway.

Merline: The judges like that it has an unusual and interesting shape. Zac says it’s sexy and empowered and fun. Bella thinks the panties are flattering and Nina says it’s cool and fun.

Ashley: Nina absolutely loves the color combination. She says it’s sporty and feminine. Bella says it’s sexy but still young. Zac says it’s a grand slam; it looks delicate and strong and right on-brand with Heidi’s line.

On the Bottom

Laurie: Heidi likes the bra with the knot detail but the panties are a big problem. She hates the fact that they’re too high-waisted and big. Nina says it’s dated with a granny panty in the front and a Brazilian thong in the back. Zac says there are too many things happening has an ensemble.

Jake: Zac says his whole look lacks imagination and that the panties are not flattering. Heidi says that this isn’t a look that women of all different shapes could wear. Nina likes the scalloped lace on the bra but she hates the straps on both the bra and the panties.

Blake: Blake whines to the judges that he’s never worked with women’s intimates. Zac scolds him for limiting himself as a designer. Bella points out the underwire with the mesh makes the model’s boobs look droopy. Nina says there’s no fit, no quality, and no sophistication. No one likes how the straps look stapled on.


Merline is the winner of the challenge. The judges loved her architectural point of view and Heidi’s happy to reproduce her winning look for her website.

It’s down to Blake and Jake in the bottom two. Jake is in, despite his boring look that lacked any creativity or design. Blake’s look was just inexcusable and unforgivable.

Next week: Another unconventional material challenge!

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