And then there were five. The finale of Big Brother 17 is less than two weeks away and winning competitions is crucial. Following Julia’s eviction, Austin, Liz, Vanessa and John began to play for the next HoH. Who emerged victorious?

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It’s a classic competition that involves navigating eggs through mesh wire, only this time they must go up and over a rainbow from underneath. There’s also a Luxury prize for a trip outside of the house near the end of the course and whoever gets it first wins. The competition won’t end until HoH and the Luxury prize are won.

Here is my live blog of the HoH competition from the feeds. As always, all times are Big Brother 17 local time, aka PT.

: The competition begins on the episode. Liz drops her egg twice early on while Austin, Vanessa and John seem steady.

6:58pm: When the episode returns, Austin has one egg while everyone else is still working on it. Uh-oh, he has a solid lead already and if he can avoid dropping an egg, he’ll will.

7:03pm: Austin completes his second egg. It seems John and Vanessa have one each and Liz doesn’t appear to have any..

7:04pm: Vanessa gets her second egg.

7:05pm: John gets his second egg. He’s going for the far ends first while Austin and Vanessa seem to be starting with the middle.

7:07pm: Liz finally gets her first egg. Austin and Vanessa are almost done with their third while John is halfway on his third.

7:09pm: Vanessa is the first to get her third egg. Austin is only about 30 seconds behind with his third.

7:09pm: John gets his third egg. He’s 1-2 minutes behind Vanessa and Austin.

7:10pm: Austin drops his egg. He seems to be getting flustered.

7:12pm: Vanessa gets her fourth egg. She’s crushing this. About 40 seconds later Liz gets her second egg.

7:14pm: John gets his fourth egg about 2 minutes after Vanessa did, but he’s still in second place.

7:15pm: Vanessa gets her fifth egg. She’s halfway done and this latest egg took her about 3.5 minutes from start to finish.

7:16pm: Austin gets his fourth egg, 2 minutes behind John.

7:19pm: Vanessa gets her sixth egg. That one took about 4 minutes.

7:20pm: 30 minutes into the competition and Vanessa has 6, John has 5, Austin has 4 and Liz has 3.

7:24pm: Now Austin is at 5 eggs, John is at 6 and Vanessa is in the lead with 7 eggs. Liz doesn’t matter.

7:25pm: John ties Vanessa at 7 eggs while Austin gets his sixth.

7:26pm: Liz finally gets her fourth egg.

7:29pm: Liz won the Luxury prize, probably because she’s so far behind it doesn’t matter. She will get to leave the house for something and might get to bring someone (which would be Austin).

7:30pm: Liz gets her fifth egg, so she’s halfway done.

7:31pm: Austin makes it a three-way tie with egg #7. But John and Vanessa are both more than halfway through their eighth.

7:34pm: Liz gets her sixth egg.

7:35pm: Austin gets his eighth egg, but Vanessa is almost done.

7:36pm: John gets his ninth egg, but Vanessa already has nine and is almost done.

7:37pm: Vanessa gets her 10th egg.

Vanessa is the new HoH!

Wow, the poker player is dominating and wins her FOURTH HoH of the season. But now she has to make the tough decision. Will she actually split up Austin and Liz, which is objectively the smartest thing to do? Will she be willing to pull that off?

It’ll be fun to watch her work, but even more fun that she can’t play for the Final 4 HoH, meaning she needs to win that last PoV or she’ll probably be evicted in fourth place.


-Vanessa is only the 10th person to win four HoH competitions in a single season and only the fourth woman to do it. The others were Janelle Pierzina on All-Stars, season 13 winner Rachel Reilly and season 15’s Aaryn Gries.

-Vanessa is only the 9th person to win at least six HoH and PoV competitions in a single season (she now has 4 HoHs and 2 PoVs).

-This is John’s 14th HoH competition of the season. The only other people to play in that many are season 15’s Andy Herren and Spencer Clawson and season 16’s Cody Calafiore and Victoria Rafaeli. Of those, Victoria is the only one to play in more than 14 HoH comps, playing in all 16 of them.

-This is also John’s 24th HoH/PoV competition of the season. Spencer (24) and Victoria (27) are the only other HGs to play in that many.

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