The Power of Veto has been used every week so far on Big Brother 17. But is that still the case in week 6 with Clay and Shelli on the block, or is the couple definitely getting split up?

SPOILER WARNING: This article contains Big Brother 17 spoilers.

James won the Power of Veto.

He did not use it.

Clay and Shelli are still on the block and one of them will be evicted before making it to the jury, meaning they definitely won’t see each other again until finale night. How sad.

Clay and Shelli tried to do some last-minute campaigning to James and Meg, but it was fruitless. James and Meg were looking for information and names for potential replacement nominees, but Clelli was only willing to throw Steve under the bus as a target that would get no blood on his hands. They thought the rest of the Sixth Sense was also trying to get Steve on the block, but Austin, Vanessa and the twins decided that it wouldn’t work and that going against the HoH would just make them targets, so they did nothing to help Clelli.

Throughout the night Shelli seemed to struggle with whether or not to sell out the Sixth Sense, but even after learning they didn’t have her back, she still didn’t want to play that kind of dirty game. At one point Shelli even told Meg that she wanted to tell her about everything, but then didn’t, which only made it more obvious that Clelli is hiding things from Meg.

Shelli did take a bit of a step, telling James, Jackie and Meg about Austin’s Judas alter ego to try and put him up, but it didn’t work. Instead, it just made that trio wonder why the heck Shelli was OK with keeping Austin last week if she already knew about this. From their private conversations, it seemed like James, Jackie and Meg were only willing to consider Vanessa as a backdoor target, but Clelli was too loyal to throw her under the bus.

Clay originally went around telling everyone to vote him out over Shelli. Austin and the twins promised to do it, but they don’t really want to. The other problem is that James has made it clear he wants Shelli gone, as do Jackie and Meg. It seems to be the house consensus that Shelli should go because she’s a better competitor and Clay will be easier to deal with without her.

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