It’s yet another week of Big Brother 17 where the HoHs tells some of the HGs that they’re going to backdoor Audrey, yet that’s not the real plan. The third week is eerily similar to week 2 of the game, but will it have the same outcome?

SPOILER WARNING: This article contains Big Brother 17 spoilers.

John won the Power of Veto.

He saved himself. Jeff is the replacement nominee.

Now it’s Jeff vs. James and it looks like Jeff is definitely going home. The power alliance of Vanessa, Austin, Liz, Clay and Shelli want him gone and they also have Steve on their side. Becky dislikes Jeff as well while Meg and Jason seem more with James than Jeff anyway. Johnny Mac has oddly told people he would want to keep Jeff.

After John won the PoV, Vanessa freaked out over her decision, desperately scrambling to find a reason to backdoor Jeff. Eventually she got it thanks to Austin, Clay and Shelli working to get Jeff to expose himself for lying, throwing people under the bus and manipulating others, earning him the nickname “the male Audrey.”

Ironically, the actual Audrey seems innocent in Vanessa’s eyes. As Da’Vonne predicted, Vanessa has even told people that, as a lesbian, she wouldn’t feel comfortable nominating and evicting the first transgender HG on the show because she thinks it’s a powerful message.

At this point, the power is clearly consolidated. Vanessa and Austin are working with Liz to keep her safe until her twin sister Julia can enter the game as well. Clay and Shelli are on board with this (forming the Sixth Sense alliance) while Steve is also working with the core group (forming the Freaks and Geeks alliance). Then there’s Sleeper Cell, Vanessa, Austin, Clay and Shelli’s alliance with Audrey that is tentative at best.

That leaves James, Meg and Jason on the outside. John and Becky are simply floating, happy to stay out of it (though Becky has been getting closer to Clay and Shelli). And Jackie is the new Victoria, totally irrelevant to the game, though Austin is hoping to pull her in for a potential flirtmance now that Jeff is going.


-Johnny Mac is only the 15th HG in the show’s history to win the PoV and save himself while on the block twice in one season. Others to do this include Donny Thompson, Elissa Slater and Janelle Pierzina.

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