The ladies of The Real Housewives of New York City are still in the Caribbean, which means they’re still up to no good. Although they’ve all finally agreed to leave Sonja alone about her drinking, now Ramona and Bethenny are getting into a tiff over whether to eat lunch at the villa or go out to lunch. It’s always something with these women.

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She’s a Know-It-All

In this episode, “Conch Blocked,” Bethenny and Ramona are still bickering about what they’re going to do for lunch. Bethenny’s mad that Ramona treats everyone like servants and she has a sense of entitlement, and Ramona thinks Bethenny is acting erratic. They manage to get over it, though, when they decide to stay in for lunch and go out later. Bethenny says she can’t stay mad at Ramona because it would be like staying mad at a 5-year-old.

At lunch, Ramona asks the ladies what they think she should call her book. It’s sort of a memoir, touching on all of her recent troubles with her marriage and divorce. Bethenny says it should be called Work in Progress┬ásince she doesn’t have an ending to her story yet.

Heather gets annoyed that Bethenny gives Ramona advice with such authority, even though advice is exactly what Ramona was looking for. The two of them get into it about Bethenny being a know-it-all, but they manage to quash it before playfully carrying each other into the water and pulling their bikini bottoms down to moon the rest of the ladies. So all is well again, for the moment.

Before the ladies go out for the night, Heather pulls Sonja aside to apologize. She says her timing was really off and she should have never tried to put any labels like “alcoholic” on her, but she wants Sonja to know it came from a place of concern. She also promises not to bring it up again because it’s none of her business. Her apology is quite genuine as far as Real Housewives apologies go and Sonja really appreciates it, but she’s going to hold her to her promise.

Romance in Paradise

At the Conch Shack, a local bar on the beach, Ramona is just happy to see other people, especially people of the male persuasion. She’s all over the waiter but drops him like a bad habit when she hears the owner of the place is single and good looking. Never mind the fact that Carole and Bethenny were already engaged in a conversation with him and Ramona had to box them out to talk to him.

Bethenny and Carole can’t believe how rude Ramona acted. Bethenny says it was rabid and desperate, and Carole says she acted like she didn’t even know them.

Bethenny leaves the next day because she has a commitment to be with her daughter back in New York. She feels good about the trip, and despite some crazy little moments, she had fun.

Everyone else is equally irritated with Ramona the next morning, except Sonja, of course. Kristen says she shut everyone out and was very rude. Ramona says that she was in the zone flirting with the club owner and maybe the other ladies are just jealous.

Later, they all take a trip to a nearby resort for lunch and to visit another beach. Ramona and Sonja get there early, so they leave┬áto go to the beach without the rest of the women. No one seems to miss them that much at lunch, and they give Ramona and Sonja the silent treatment when they finally decide to join them. That is, until Sonja brings up Ramona’s new boyfriend.

Carole can’t stay quiet anymore. She tells Ramona she was obnoxious last night and she shut them all down and she should just own it. She says Ramona has no man game and she broke the girl code. Feeling cornered, Ramona shoots back by telling her that just because she’s sleeping with a 28-year-old, it shouldn’t mean no one else can have any fun. Carole says that she shouldn’t talk about her relationship like one of her casual flings. She doesn’t think it’s fair of her to say things like that, especially when she’s been a good friend to her. Good for Carole for finally sticking up for herself.

Now it’s LuAnn’s turn to pull Sonja aside to apologize. Sonja has an honest moment where she opens up about how hard it’s been being financially tied to her ex-husband and how she doesn’t want to bring that kind of baggage to a new relationship. She says this is why she dates younger men with no chance of really long-lasting attachment. The two hug and cry and wish each other the best. LuAnn really believes they’re on a good path to being friends again.

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Too Many Martinis

At the beach later on, Carole and Dorinda have a nice moment talking about their late husbands. Unfortunately, they have both been through something that very few other people have been through, but that brings them closer together. They both feel grateful to have the other to talk to and relate to.

The ladies go out for dinner after a day of drinking on the beach. Things get a bit messy after Dorinda and The Countess start harping on Heather for using the F word too much in casual conversation. They’re both slurring their way through accusations of Heather being a bad mother for not raising her daughter not to swear.

Heather starts to get defensive when things get personal, even though Dorinda is barely even saying words. Dorinda claims that she was raised by her mother to be a gracious woman, and Heather says her mother must be really proud of her right now.

That sets Dorinda off again. For some reason, she is really getting steamed at Heather in this episode and it probably has something to do with all the dirty martinis. But don’t worry, this fight is To Be Continued — along with the last part of the Turks and Caicos trip, thank god.

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