Last week on Project Runway, bad attitude Hernan went home after making a cheap Halloween costume and the judges praised Amanda for her hippie fringe gown. Maybe this week they’ll finally pick a winning look we can all agree on. Let’s find out!

Designing Heidi

Heidi greets the designers on the red carpet on the runway. She’s wearing a trench coat because she has nothing to wear (hard to believe). But she has somewhere to go. The 2014 Creative Arts Emmys in fact. The challenge this week is for the designers to make a look for her to wear on the red carpet. And don’t you dare Google what she was wearing ahead of time to find out who wins!

Heidi says she likes things that are unexpected, fashion forward, and fearless. Of course she doesn’t want to end up on any worst-dressed lists. Tim tells them that she’s worn every different kind of look on the red carpet in the past so the designers shouldn’t be afraid to get imaginative. They have one day and $250 for this challenge, and Heidi will be joining Tim to walk around the work room.

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A Difficult Client

Alexander understands that this is an important challenge because he has to keep his client’s personal style in tact while keeping his own design aesthetic in tact. He’s making a black dress with a big shoulder piece with the bottom flaring out. Heidi likes it but tells him to make a super sexy back.

Evening wear isn’t really Mitchell’s thing, so he thinks that silks, satin, and subtle sequins (can sequins be subtle?) is the way to go. Heidi likes the red he picks out, but the block of sequins in the middle is the opposite of sexy. Tim suggests he re-conceive his concept.

Kristine is making a long, floor length gray gown with red accents. Like Mitchell, she is not very experienced with evening wear. Heidi hates the gray she picked out. She says it looks cheap and like a bed sheet. But Kristine doesn’t have any fabric left to work with.

Amanda feels lucky to have immunity this week. She’s making a long gown in a sporty shape with beaded and metallic details on the chest.

While everyone else is struggling, Kini is all but finished with his look. He has a sleek black dress with an open back. Heidi advises him against adding sleeves and tells him to fix the seam problems in the front.

Sean was in the bottom the last two challenges so he really wants to show the judges his creativity. He picked an electric blue, and luckily Heidi loves it. He’s making an ombre fringe dress, and it seems to be the only dress Heidi actually likes.

Char, on the other hand, picked a hideous print to work with, which is surprising, considering she’s shown to be good with prints in past challenges. Heidi hates it and worries she’ll look like she’s going on a cruise.

Sandhya is making something with gold plating and adding green paint and peacock feathers to it. If that sounds over the top, it’s because it is. Heidi says it looks like a dress off the set of Dynasty, and although Sandhya doesn’t get the reference, she figures out that that’s not really a good thing.

Korina is tired of only being safe so she sketches this bright green one-armed mermaid dress. I’m not sure how she went from that great sketch to the hunter green she picked out at Mood, but yikes, it happened. Then to add to the drab green, she has real snakeskin for weird accents. Not only does Heidi hate the color, she refuses to wear real snakeskin, because, gross. Tim suggests starting over, making it sexier, and leaving off the snake. Korina is defeated after her rough critique. She has no idea what she’s going to do.

More Money More Problems

Just when half the room is at a loss, Tim and Heidi come back in the room. Heidi says that she’s scared of what a lot of people are creating, and she doesn’t want to get stuck with something ugly. So they decide to give the designers a chance to go back to Mood with another $100. Anyone who doesn’t want to go back can stay in the work room and give their money to another designer.

Sandhya immediately starts hustling for money from anyone who isn’t going. She manages to scrounge up more than $400 for some expensive lace she saw at Mood before but couldn’t get with her earlier budget. Mitchell and Korina especially think it’s selfish that she horded all of that money, but Char knows you can’t hate her for playing the game.

Both Kristine and Mitchell end up buying more red fabric. Mitchell is having an internal conflict with his original design. He can’t nail down a concept and has nothing to try on his model when she arrives for her fitting. Before the modeling starts, he’s literally just trying to finish a dress to send down the runway.

Kristine is having plenty of issues of her own. Her look exposes her model’s boobs and she’s worried she’s going to look too trashy.

No one has more trouble than Korina. Given a second chance, she goes back to Mood and picks out YET ANOTHER hideous green. I didn’t even know that Mood had so many ugly greens! And leave it to Korina find it. She still isn’t confident in her ability to make evening wear so she just slaps together whatever she can manage in the time she has left. 

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Red Carpet Runway

The guest judge this week is Lindsey Vonn, Olympic gold medalist. She joins our faves Heidi, Zac Posen, and Nina Garcia on the runway. But Heidi will have the final say over which dress she’ll wear at the Emmys.


Kini– Heidi thinks the dress is fantastic and looks like it costs thousands of dollars. Lindsey and Nina agree that the fit is perfect. Zac thinks it’s impeccable with the sequin lines in all the right places. He thinks Heidi would look great in it.

Sean– All the judges love the movement on Sean’s fringe dress and Zac really appreciates the color. Nina likes how the open back balances out the heaviness of the fringe.

Amanda– Apparently Amanda can do no wrong in the judges eyes. I don’t get it. Heidi likes that this look is gutsy and it really paid off. Zac isn’t crazy about the beading but he likes the shape. Nina thinks that it’s definitely a conversation piece.


Kristine– Zac says her garment is a perfect example of indecent exposure and would get Heidi attention for all of the wrong reasons, referring to how her model’s boobs were completely exposed on the runway. He rated it his first ever “zero” since he’s been a judge and says it’s not acceptable.

Mitchell– Heidi says a lot of things went wrong with the dress from the unfinished hem to the poorly sewn zipper. Nina thinks the model looks like a Christmas ornament. Zac says it takes a lot of time and skill to make an evening gown and he was just out of his element.

Korina– Nina is actually upset with Korina’s look. She says it’s amateur hour on a very simple design and therefore inexcusable. Heidi hates it. She says it looks like a mother of the bride dress, which I personally find insulting to mothers of brides everywhere. Lindsey points out the crooked hem, the exposed zipper in the front, the pins on the halter and the crooked seams. It’s just a mess.

In the end, Sean takes the challenge. He’s thrilled that Heidi will be wearing his dress and considers himself a prime example of the American Dream (and here’s the picture of her at the Emmy’s last week!).

Heidi and the judges want to send a message to the designers after the poor showing this week. So they eliminate Mitchell and then Kristine. While I agree with the double elimination, Korina’s dress was one of the most hideous things I’ve ever seen on this show. Yet she survives. 

Tune in next week at 9pm on Lifetime for a new episode of Project Runway.

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