The Zingbot’s arrival is usually the best episode of the season. But for Big Brother 16, it’s also the worst. Tonight we get plenty of great zingers at the expense of the HGs, but we also see the entire house plotting against the most entertaining person on the show. It’s hard to enjoy the Zingbot when Zach is on his way out the door, especially since it’s at the hand of his best friend and after another Team America mission set him up as the fall guy.

After the Battle of the Block

Following Donny’s remarkable win against Caleb and Cody (and Christine, who was helping them and trying to throw it), the 42-year-old groundskeeper thanks Jesus and knows what Christine did and that everyone was in on it. Christine tries to convince the Bomb Squad that she did her best, but they all know that Donny knows what’s up.

Derrick and Frankie are both furious that their plan backfired, proving that Donny was their actual target. Derrick tries to convince Donny that he’s happy about the outcome, but Donny knows he’s blowing smoke. Derrick also knows that Donny doesn’t trust him, which means Team America is effectively dead.

In the HoH room, Derrick is already hard at work planting seeds to Frankie about how, if the Power of Veto is used, putting up Victoria would be a waste. He clearly wants Zach up. Donny already knows this because he’s a genius and he warns Zach that he could be the target if the Power of Veto is used. Donny wants to befriend Zach and make an ally.

Zach gets paranoid and goes to Frankie to make sure he wouldn’t backdoor him. Zach then mentions that Derrick would beat anyone in the Final 2. He knows Frankie’s smartest move would be to take out himself, Derrick or Cody.

The Zingbot and Kathy Griffin

The Zingbot arrives and everyone is excited. But then he starts complimenting everyone and they’re all confused and disappointed.

That’s when Kathy Griffin shows up. She’s there to help get the Zingbot back to his old self. She proceeds to show him how it’s done with a series of great zings:

-Caleb thinks Amber is drop-dead gorgeous, but Amber just wants him to drop dead.

-Christine disproves the theory that people who wear glasses are smart.

-Victoria doesn’t get a zing because Kathy is only zinging people who are actually playing the game.

-What do you call someone who cries, wears pink and cuddles with men? Zach! He’s sad, so Kathy gets up in his face and says “Zing, mother***er!”

After the PoV competition, the Zingbot is restored and delivers a few more zings:

-He’s surprised Frankie is so tan since he spends so much time in his sister’s shadow.

-The house is full of attractive dudes, except for Derrick.

-Donny looks like Duck Dynasty, but his social game is Suck Dynasty.

-Cody is so nice and he hasn’t made any enemies, except for Christine’s husband.

I hate to agree with Caleb, but he’s right, that Cody zing is the best one ever.

The Power of Veto Competition

Christine, Victoria and Donny get picked to play, meaning Zach doesn’t even get a chance to fight for it, so all of his eggs are in Donny’s basket.

The competition requires the HGs to reboot Zingbot by connecting a series of wires to light up their boards. Victoria is a total joke while Christine and Cody are also pretty bad. Donny fizzles out after a while, so it’s down to Frankie vs. Caleb. In the end, Frankie wins the Power of Veto! He’s happy because he’s a control freak who wants all of the power.

Frankie immediately tells Caleb that he’s using the PoV to save him. Frankie starts thinking that he should get rid of someone who has been bad for his game from the very beginning by making a big move and turning on the Detonators.

Team America Mission

Even though there’s no trust in Team America, they go to work stealing Victoria’s robe, Caleb’s cowboy boots and Cody’s hat.

Cody realizes his hat is missing and goes on a crusade to find it. Caleb realizes his boots are missing and Zach’s gator shirt is gone too. Zach freaks out and everyone thinks there’s a Saboteur.

Derrick then tells everyone that they should start a neighborhood watch. No one finds that the least suspicious and everyone jumps on board very quickly. Once again, Team America doesn’t need to do anything.

Christine accuses Zach of being the Saboteur and everyone agrees. Frankie takes this opportunity to throw Zach under the bus even more by using this as a pretense to backdoor him. Derrick feels “kind of bad” about putting the blame on Zach, but since he wants him to be evicted too, he doesn’t feel that badly about it.

Cody and Caleb find all of the stolen items and act like they just won the Super Bowl. Everyone still thinks Zach did it and he starts to get really upset because he believes this will be a reason to evict him. It’s depressing how quickly this went from harmless fun to a witch hunt, with Zach being burned at the stake.

The Power of Veto Ceremony

Before getting to the ceremony, I’d like to point out everything that CBS didn’t show. Right after the PoV competition, and before the neighborhood watch started, Caleb, Derrick and Cody were already telling Frankie to backdoor Zach and he agreed to it. Then, after the witch hunt died down, Frankie told Zach he was going up and going to be evicted.

Frankie claims he loves Zach, but he can’t trust him in the game because Zach tried to get him out. Um, hello Rose, Frankie tried to get Zach out MANY times while Zach was only one of many people trying to get Frankie out, including Caleb, who sat down and threw the Battle of the Block. But Caleb gets forgiven.

Frankie uses the Power of Veto to save Caleb. Frankie then does a weak-ass rap and nominates Zach.

Frankie expects fireworks and Zach is depressed and betrayed. Tomorrow night on Big Brother 16, the first four jurors will battle it out and one will return into the game.

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