The Big Brother 16 Rewind is in effect, with the Final 5 HGs replaying the week over again. With the same people and the same competitions, will the results be the same or will the show be an illustration of the butterfly effect?

SPOILER WARNING: This article contains Big Brother 16 spoilers.

Caleb won the HoH competition.

He nominated Frankie and Victoria.

That’s two different outcomes so far. Caleb decided that, since Cody was a good soldier and served as the pawn last week that he shouldn’t have to do it again. There was a lot of debate about whether Derrick should go up (since he’s never been on the block) or if it should be Frankie (because, allegedly, he might use the Power of Veto on Victoria and force Derrick and Cody to be on the block together).

Both Derrick and Frankie argued their cases to Caleb, and obviously Derrick emerged victorious. Derrick always gets what he wants and if the other HGs aren’t able to see that by now, they deserve to lose. Sure, Cody and Derrick are telling Frankie that they’ll stick with the boys, but they won’t. The plan is to evict Frankie.

There are only two potential roadblocks to this plan. If Frankie wins the PoV again, he’ll save himself, Derrick will be the replacement nominee and, most likely, Victoria will still be evicted (unless Frankie can convince Caleb to turn on Derrick). If Caleb wins the PoV, Frankie could also convince him to use it, just like when Frankie used the PoV on Caleb. But if Victoria, Derrick or Cody win the PoV, Frankie is a goner.

The Jurors Return for a Luxury Competition

In keeping with the Rewind theme, last week there was supposed to be a luxury competition, but it got hijacked by Jeff and Jordan’s engagement. This week there actually was one on Thursday.

The Final 5 HGs were locked in a room with a TV. A live view of the rest of the house came on as the six jurors entered and trashed the entire place. They threw silverware and towels on the ground, Hayden kissed Nicole, and Zach took everyone’s clothes, threw them around and danced on the living room table while dumping Fruit Loops all over them. Those five minutes were the most entertaining the live feeds have been in about four weeks.

When the feeds returned, the jurors were gone and the house was a total mess. The remaining HGs were all cleaning up and very angry about how bitter the jury was and how much they destroyed the house. Frankie was mad they ruined “my home” and Victoria was especially angry because her necklace was broken and there were Fruit Loops all over her white blazer.

The five HGs each got to pick a shirt with a different member of the jury’s name on it. It sounds like the jurors had to rummage through the house to find the money and the remaining HGs only got to watch. Hayden won, and since Victoria chose him, they both got $5,000. Frankie was Team Zach, Cody was Team Nicole, Caleb was Team Jocasta and Derrick was Team Donny, meaning no one was Team Christine.

The Final 5 were all disappointed that they didn’t even get to play. Frankie has been particularly vocal about how unfair it is that someone like Jocasta got to come into his house and play for his money, as if we didn’t already have enough reasons to hate him and his spoiled, entitled attitude.


-This is Victoria’s eighth nomination. She is second only to season 15’s Spencer Clawson, who was nominated nine times.

-This is Victoria’s fourth time in a row being nominated. There are only seven other HGs to ever receive four consecutive nominations, including Jocasta, Donny and Nicole this season.

-Derrick continues his very impressive streak of never being nominated, now on day 84.

-This is Frankie’s second nomination. The only HGs this season not nominated at least twice are Derrick as well as Joey and Devin, who were evicted during their first nominations.

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