The pointless week of Big Brother 16 is finally at an end. Frankie may have won HoH and PoV, and the boys might think Victoria is going to be evicted, but we know better. By pushing the Rewind Button, there will be no eviction tonight and the Final 5 will play the entire week over again. Hopefully there’s a different outcome, though given the way this season has gone, I doubt it.

Since there’s no eviction, Big Brother 16 needs to pad this episode, so we also have the jury house, Dan Gheesling and a dog named Izzy. I already want Izzy to win the game. She definitely has a better chance of winning an HoH competition than Victoria.

BUT FIRST…this is Big Brother 16!

The countdown clock is at 35 minutes at the start of the show.

More Pointless Plans

Like always, the target (Victoria) is treated like a ghost in the house since she’s already gone. She cries as Frankie says that she’s the biggest threat because she’s too tempting to take to the finale as an easy win. Victoria knows that’s it’s bros before hos, which actually makes her smarter than Christine.

Derrick knows that the button could save Victoria, so he’s not willing to give her the full Britney Haynes treatment, exposing the Bomb Squad to her. Instead, he talks to her in case she stays and also to make sure he has her vote in the jury house. It’s sad that Victoria’s only hope is the magic button.

Elsewhere, Cody, Derrick and Caleb all talk about how Frankie is a giant target and he needs to go as soon as possible since he’s such a competition beast. Derrick also works on Frankie, telling him that Frankie can’t beat Caleb or Cody at the end. But Frankie is smarter than he looks and knows that Derrick is just trying to ensure himself a spot in the Final 2, and that Derrick could very well win the game if he does.

Derrick is clearly getting bored, so he comes up with a plan to have Victoria act like she’s angry with Derrick because he’s not voting for her and he’s been working with the guys since the beginning (both of which are actually true). She is on board with this because her only purpose is to help Derrick win.

Victoria runs to Frankie and cries about how hurt she is by Derrick and how much she hates him now. She’s proud of herself for this brilliant game move, even though it doesn’t help her at all. Frankie appears to buy it hook, line and sinker.

They learn that the live show is Wednesday and everyone freaks out, with Frankie constantly shouting “I was right, I was right!” These jamokes all speculate that this means the finale is this Sunday. Meanwhile, Caleb thinks that celebrities will show up for a luxury competition, with Mila Kunis arriving to marry him.

Julie and the HGs

Caleb hopes the button means that a diesel truck drives through the door filled with money. Frankie waxes about how Jeff and Jordan’s engagement was magical and once again lies about being a huge fan of the show. Julie shows them some of the mouse hunt freakouts and she calls out Cody on national TV for being a wuss. Victoria says that Caleb and Frankie are the two biggest slobs because they leave toenails everywhere.

The Jury House

Let’s be honest, at this point in the season, the jury house is a million times more interesting than the actual game. We see Jocasta, Donny and Hayden throw Zach a birthday party, giving him a new pink hat. YAY! Those four seem to have a lot of fun.

Nicole arrives and everyone is disappointed, but happy because they like her. Zach is crushing it in the jury house with his hilarious comments. They all know that Derrick is running the game with Frankie. They all hate Christine and want her in the jury.

Christine walks into the jury house and no one even acknowledges her. AWKWARD! She knows she messed up, with Hayden and Donny piling on about her crush on Cody, asking if she likes dinosaurs and if she has an attorney. She tells them that she got booed and Donny celebrates.

The six members of the jury all know that Derrick is a huge liar, made alliances with everyone and is running the house. But Frankie is a close second. The finale may be two weeks away, but it’s quite obvious that Derrick will definitely win if he’s in the Final 2 and, if he’s not there, Frankie has it. If neither of them make it, then who knows.

The Non-Vote

Julie starts the voting like normal. Wow, how far are they going to take this?

Cody tells the boys to keep him because of loyalty to what they started. Victoria thanks them for treating her like a princess. She keeps up the charade about feeling betrayed by Derrick and not forgiving him.

Derrick starts to go to the diary room to vote, but the countdown clock goes off and a buzzer sounds. Julie says that it will effect the game and they have to wait to find out. Victoria wants her suitcase back while Frankie already seems to know that it’s a reset. This is feeling extremely anticlimactic.

The Rewind

Julie tells the Final 5 about the Rewind and that no one is being evicted tonight. She shows them the week being rewound and now they will replay the week. Cody and Victoria are safe and Frankie’s HoH reign has been vanished. I wonder if that means the Team America success is also undone. Probably not.

Also, Cody, Caleb, Victoria and Frankie will all play the exact same competitions as last week and Cody has to get back into the dinosaur costume. Um…they’re playing the same comps? That’s so stupid.

Dan Gheesling

Dan says that it’s been a season of one alliance steamrolling the competition. He acts like it’s going to be interesting to see the boys turn on each other, but we only have less than two weeks of it. He’s being a good little puppet, pretending that this season isn’t painfully boring.

Dan also compliments Derrick’s game and gives him the stamp of approval. It feels like the show is just trying to build up Derrick and they’re continuing the Derrick vs. Frankie storyline that the producers are so desperate to make a reality.

The HoH Competition

We’ve already seen this competition, so I don’t know why we should care. It’s the seesaw challenge with balancing seeds on a shovel. Obviously Victoria still has a 0 percent chance of winning. Julie adds that the Power of Veto competition will also be the same face-morphing challenge. Wake me up when this week is over.

See Who Won the Final 5 HoH>>

Caleb and Cody both drop their seeds in the first round and must start over. They catch up to Frankie, but Frankie still has a slight edge. After the commercial break, all three boys appear to be in it, while Victoria is way behind. I’ll have a new post later tonight with the results.

Scheduling Notes

Sunday’s episode will see the jurors return to the house. On Tuesday, we’ll get a live eviction. Then on Wednesday, it’s the Final 4 eviction. Next Friday is a special clip show and the finale is two weeks from tonight.

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