Last week on Big Brother 16, Frankie won the Final 5 HoH competition. But because of the Rewind Button, that entire week was undone and now the Final 5 has another HoH. Did history repeat itself, or did the Rewind succeed in altering the trajectory of the season?

The week will feature the exact same competitions as last time, with the seed-planting HoH and the face-morphing PoV, but will the results be different?

SPOILER WARNING: This article contains Big Brother 16 spoilers.

Caleb won the HoH competition!

Wow, a different result. Maybe the Rewind frazzled Frankie, but whatever happened, I’m happy (as are the producers, I assume) to have a different outcome. It makes the Rewind less pointless. Caleb was close last time, so he worked out the kinks and Beastmode Cowboy made a big comeback.

This is Caleb’s fourth HoH win, and unlike Frankie, he actually was permanent HoH every time and won all of them on his own.

It became clear last week that Frankie is everyone’s biggest target, but will Caleb be willing to put him up with Victoria? Frankie probably knows he has to win the PoV (like last time), but now it will be to save himself. If not, he’ll probably go from the Final 5 HoH to fifth place, finishing in the same spot as such “All-Stars” like Jenn City, Kalia, Ragan and Renny. OK, it’s also where Jeff Schroeder finished in season 11, so it’s not all bad.

The Rewind twist definitely hurt Frankie the most, which is funny since he was the one leading the charge to push the button. The only sad part is that the Final 5 eviction will be pre-taped, meaning there probably won’t be the booing that he deserves.

For now, the HGs are primarily focused on studying the memory wall, especially since they know for sure this week’s PoV will be the face-morphing competition.


-If you only count permanent HoHs from this season, Caleb is the first HG to win 4 HoHs this year. Only six other people have ever done this: season 5’s Drew Daniel, season 7’s Janelle Pierzina, season 12’s Hayden Moss, season 13’s Rachel Reilly, season 14’s Ian Terry and season 15’s Aaryn Gries. All of those people also won at least one PoV, which Caleb hasn’t done yet.

-Victoria has now played in 23 HoH and PoV competitions, the second-most ever (behind season 15’s Spencer Clawson, who played in 24). Victoria will tie Spencer with the PoV this week. She has also lost 22 of them, which now ties Spencer’s all-time record for most HoH and PoV losses. If she loses the PoV, she will hold the record for most HoH and PoV losses in a single season.

-This is the sixth time in a row that a man has won HoH. That has only happened one other time, in season 14, when men won seven consecutive HoH competitions (thanks to Frank, Shane, Ian and Dan). If Victoria can’t win either of the last two HoHs, it will be a new record with nine male HoH wins in a row.

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