It seems like only last month that we said goodbye to Hell’s Kitchen, yet tonight launches Season 13. With this show, you are never sure what type of chefs will be under fire or what Ramsay has planned. Are we ready for our sinful, guilty pleasure? Let’s hope the chefs are!

Signature Dishes

The bus containing 18 chefs pulls up to a historic Cinerama. The new matre’d, Marino, tells them to go in and have a seat. The movie is interrupted by Ramsay showing success stories. All of sudden their faces appear: they stand to leave, only to find a cheering crowd behind them. The challenge has begun with Ramsay’s signature dish challenge, and they only have 45 minutes to prepare them at the Cordon Bleu.

With the men competing against the women, I sense chaos ahead. The men get their first strike when JP finishes 15 minutes early. His problems continue in the taste test as his fish is dry and his potatoes undercooked. The good news for Ramsay is that he didn’t get physically ill from the food. The bad news is that there are weak chefs. The score it tied at the final dish. Both taste good, but the women win by one point. I must admit their dishes looked better than the men’s. The reward is dinner at the Bel Aire prepared by Wolfgang Puck. The men must set up the dorms. Well, most men do the work but JP (or is it JR) takes a long break on the couch. Turns out as I watch, neither J’s are not good choices for the team.

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The Prep and Service

Oh no, each cook is given a set of knives. I hope they don’t use them on anything but food. Ramsay gives a pep talk and sends them to their stations. The new maitre’ d is Marino. I have a feeling we will need JP before the night is over.

The celebrities are out and the men mess up their first risotto. The women get their appetizers right and they fly out of the kitchen. The only problem the women have is that they can’t count. As the Blue Team appetizer mishaps continue, Ramsay is ready to send all to the dorms.

Entrees are going out of the Red Kitchen. JR still doesn’t have a clue on the fish station. Not to worry, for Ramsay kicks the fish station out of the kitchen. After another misstep, the rests of the Blue Team are sent upstairs also. The Red Team has a strong service and finishes with a win.

The Aftermath

Ramsay is waiting at the foot of the stairs as the men return. They must select two for elimination. The men can’t agree. With their fighting, this could get reeeal good. Ramsay asks for the nominees, which are Aaron (risotto) and JP. Ramsay tells Aaron he has to own his station. JP is asked about fish. Ramsay sees both going home and they plea their case. Ramsay chooses JP to leave.

Round Two

After the President’s address, we begin round two of tonight’s Hell’s Kitchen marathon. Upstairs, the men are solemn with Aaron making a stand. The rest of the men seem confused as they study the dishes. The women meanwhile realize they have the potential to win.

The Team Challenge and Rewards

Lifeguards wake the teams from their sleep and they are rushed outside to the parking lot. Sand sculptures greet them and they are told they overlooked details. Ramsay destroys a sculpture to reveal a geoduck (clam). The teams have three minutes to grab as many as they can. The men get an early start but the women appear to be leading because of Sterling’s inability to find a clam. The men win the challenge but it’s a two part challenge.

Inside, they change into their chef coats and return to the kitchen. Ramsay demonstrates cleaning the geoduck and the dish he wants prepared. They must deliver 15 perfect geoduck dishes to win the challenge. The women are moving slowly as the men start strong. The women catch up and it is tied. As the challenge heads to its finish, it’s close and the women win.

The reward is a trip on a luxury yacht with Ramsay. The men must clean up the sand outside and prep for the geoduck special. They’re tired of losing? It’s only the second competition! The women enjoy a wonderful vacation, while the men eat salt cod. The women are happy and the men fight. Reminds me of last season.

Prep and Service

During preps, the men’s team comes together with forgiveness while the women look to repeat the first service. As Ramsay opens the door, both teams are focused. Celebrities give their orders and the table dishes start.

First order goes to the ladies and they’re already getting loud, but in the wrong way. Communication has shut down and the risotto is overcooked. At least the men are calling times which is better than their first service. Their first appetizer is perfect and Ramsay is pleased. As the Red Team continues to have problems, I have to ask. Does the first order jinx you this year?

The women can’t get anything right. Wait a minute! The fish station has stalled the men’s team. They at least have served appetizers. The women can’t seem to get any out. Ramsay calls a time out with them in the storage room. The girls come out ready to win.

The teams move to entrees and again the ladies seem to get the first order. Their entrees go out quickly. The Blue Team has a fight developing when Sterling messes up the lamb. Ramsay tells the Blue Team to slow down while the Red Team is only hoping for success. They mess up the salmon and Ramsay sends them to the dorms. So the jinx must have been on the first order we see called. Sterling is still having problems which sends the Blue Team upstairs to join the ladies.

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The Aftermath

Ramsay is mad and demands each team choose two for elimination. The Red Team decides quickly while the Blue Team has problems. They do realize they must come together so some progress is made.

Ramsay asks for nominations. The ladies put up Janai and Denine. The Blue Team puts up Sterling and Fernando. All are called forward to make their case to stay. Ramsay decides that Janai will leave the kitchen tonight. Ramsay tells her she’s not ready yet to lead his kitchen.

Next week: Sterling attacks and a fight occurs. The Blue Team takes it to the kitchen while the Red Kitchen catches fire. One cook passes out.

Catch the excitement on Hell’s Kitchen next Wednesday at 8pm on FOX.

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