Another week, and another 12 acts hit the stage on season 9 of America’s Got Talent. And now our Top 12 is primed to become the Top 6, meaning there’s only one performance standing between one of these acts and a whole crapton of cash.

And that million-dollar question is which acts are moving on to the finals, and whose Blue journey has come to a conclusion?

It was a crazy night of talent, for sure, as pretty much everyone brought it like there was a future career on the line. Mara Justine may not have been the best, but she was hands down the most surprising. I had her pegged as an easy elimination — and apparently show producers did too, slotting her to kick off the show — and then she went and sang her way into my Top 6.

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The odds are stacked heavily against her, though, because in addition to the unfortunate placement, her performance was plagued by audio issues that she had no control over. Likewise, everything is breaking Miguel Dakota’s way, even though his performance was a major letdown. But I don’t know if the closer has ever been eliminated while the leadoff advances.

The six best acts of the night, in my opinion, were Mat Franco, Emily West, Sons of Serenip, AcroArmy, Quintavious Johnson and Mara Justine. Dakota fell flat, David and Leeman and Mike Super don’t compare to Franco, Emil and Dariel either took a step back or stayed exactly where they were, Christian Stoinev just had to keep that darn dog involved a little bit, and Blue Journey once again failed to live up its potential. 

Esteemed colleague Catherine Cabananarama and I are in agreement on the top four, but she’s giving the finals spots to Stoinev and Dakota, though she notes Mara or Quintavious are more deserving than our heartthrob rocker.

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For my part, I am predicting that Dakota will make it over Mara Justine (though my fingers are crossed for a historical event), but as long as Emily, SOS, Franco and AcroArmy advance, all will be right in the world. But enough with all these pillow talk whispers. Let’s get to the results!

As always, the blog is live, so keep the conversation going, particularly when it comes to expressing your outrage over a hunky adult stealing candy from a baby. 

The Live Blog Begins Now

After a promise from the commander in chief to keep me safe by bombing people on the other side of the world, it’s showtime! And Muppet time! It’s time to play the music! It’s time to light the lights! And that means tonight’s filler will be exponentially better than usual. 

And it kicks off with a dandy little ditty before Kermit and Nick Cannon welcome us to the show. Kermit helps introduce the judges, calling Howie a Muppet in a former life and saying Miss Piggy will be jealous with him even uttering Heidi’s name. He does his little arm and head-wavy freakout thing, and I love me some Muppets. 

Pepe and Beeker are 1-2 for me, then Kermit, Rizzo, the Swedish Chef and Gonzo. Not a fan at Miss Piggy, though. Like, at all. Who are your Top 6 Muppets?

The First Results

After the recap of the recap of the recap of the show, it’s time to re-introduce the Snapple Save. The fifth, sixth, and seventh-place finishers are Emil and Dariel, Miguel Dakota and Sons of Serendip, so everyone go vote for Sons of Serendip. Now. 

Jackie Evancho joins the three acts in the green room before offering inaudible advice, and then it’s off to the Reddi Wip After Party. Apparently, Quintavious broke into Nick’s dressing room.

And that is all. 

Nick Cannon calls Emily West and Mara Justine out to center stage, and Mara is like, oh crap. 

Emily West is in the Top 6

Welp, that’s that. Mara still went out with her best, and she can be proud of that. And for proving me happily wrong.

AcroArmy and Blue Journey are next to learn their fates, and this one should be pretty clear as well.

AcroArmy is in the Top 6

So far, so good. 

Muppet Mania and Jackie Evancho

After Howie does some standup with Fozzy Bear, Nick introduces Season 5 runner up and now-14-year-old Jackie Evancho, who wowed America with her opera performances as a 10-year-old. Since then, she’s recorded five albums and traveled the world. And she’s pretty sure AGT had something to do with her success. 

It definitely wouldn’t be opera on AGT without lasers, smoke machines and a pedestal, and this is no different. Her polish is evident, and this one may have a bit of diva in her despite her humble beginnings. But performing on Oprah before the word “teen” has ever appeared in your age can certainly help give someone an ego. She’d probably win if she were in it this season.

Results and a Tad Bit More Filler

After Howard Stern banters with Statler and Waldorf, Heidi and Mel enjoy a little spa time with Miss Piggy. Then the female judges sing backup for the porker’s daydream rendition of “It’s Raining Men.”

Back to reality.

Quintavious Johnson and Christian Stoinev step forward. This is the first one that could go either way, though I think Quintavious has the edge.

Quintavious Johnson is in the Top 6

Suck on that one, Catherine! That’s it for Christian and the Scoobs. Quintavious is feeling good and happy.

It comes down to the three magic acts for the final spots, with Mat Franco, David and Leeman and Mike Super are the only three left on stage. Anything else would be a travesty.

Mat Franco is in the Top 6

Ding dong diggity, I’m four for four. And if all is right in the world, I should be looking at my second perfect prediction night of the season!

The Snapple Save Revealed

With the final results coming, Kermit thanks Nick for welcoming the Muppets, and just like that, they’re on their way and I am sad. There was not nearly enough Pepe. Or any Pepe, for that matter. 

Emil and Dariel, Miguel Dakota and Sons of Serendip are on the hot seat.

Sons of Serendip wins the Snapple Save and is in the Top 6

That was spectacularly done, America. Applause. And now it’s up to the judges to decide the sixth and final finalist and whether or not I am perfect. I prefer the cellists, but in all honestly, I think we’ve seen what they can do. Miguel Dakota at least has the potential to be a headliner, he just needs to figure out how to put it all together. 

That being said, I’m still OK with either advancing. 

Heidi goes first and picks Miguel because he’s a “studmuffin,” and Mel B. seconds it because she’s been calling him a superstar all season. Howie votes with talent over star potential and picks Emil and Dariel, and it comes down to Howard Stern. He also picks the brothers, and so America’s votes will be the tie-breaker.

Miguel Dakota is in the Top 6

And I am perfect yet again. The field is set for our final performances of Season 9 next week, and who is your favorite? Did America and the judges get this one right, or should someone else be competing for a shot at a million dollars?

You’ve been watching along with me all season, and I assume hope you’ll check in next Tuesday to wrap things up in star-studded fashion! It’s all come down to this! Who is the next champion of America’s Got Talent?

You can watch America’s Got Talent every Tuesday and Wednesday night at 9pm on NBC.

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