This week Big Brother 15 has already been filled with insanity and drama as things are changing and the show is finally living up to its promise to expect the unexpected. This week’s Power of Veto competition is definitely the most unexpected twist yet.

SPOILER WARNING: This article contains Big Brother 15 spoilers.

Judd returned to the game and Elissa is the HoH. She nominated Aaryn and McCrae. Amanda, GinaMarie and Judd were also chosen to compete.

Amanda won the Power of Veto.

Wow. And damn. There was a perfect plan to backdoor Amanda, and the only thing that could’ve stopped it was this, the unlikeliest of scenarios. Amanda FINALLY wins her first competition after 15 failures, and it’s when she needed it the most.

Now everything is going to be messed up because she is certainly going to save her boyfriend, McCrae, forcing Elissa to pick a different replacement nominee. Since she’s promised GM, Judd and Spencer safety, will she put up Andy? That’s what she told GM she’s going to do, so it will mean the only person left who has never been nominated will finally feel it..

3 A.M. would definitely die, but will Aaryn stay? I assume McCranda will keep Andy, as will Spencer, so that pretty much seals Aaryn’s fate unless she can pull some serious voodoo magic. She has already started to adjust course by telling Amanda everything Elissa had said, claiming she was just telling people what they wanted to hear. It’s amazing how one competition moves us from Amanda on her way out to Amanda running the show again.

Pre-Veto Drama

Now that things are getting down to the wire, picking players for the veto competition is getting tense and before the competition, there were some fireworks. Though, sadly, they were now all for naught.

Aaryn drew the Houseguest’s Choice chip and chose Judd over Andy and Spencer, thus making people highly suspicious of her.

When Elissa picked Amanda’s chip, she allegedly looked upset, thus clueing Amanda in to the fact that there’s a plot to backdoor her. Later Amanda started yelling at GinaMarie for being shady because she’s suddenly Elissa’s new best friend this week.

So Amanda pretty much figured out the plot to backdoor her, and with Elissa, Aaryn, Judd and GM all playing, it was clear to her that if any of them won, they would save Aaryn and backdoor her.

After yelling at GM, Amanda spoke to Elissa and cried about possibly being backdoored. She whined about how everyone would vote her out amd Elissa pretty much laughed the whole time, not a cruel laugh of victory, but her typical awkward laugh she uses at wildly inappropriate times.


-With Amanda’s win, everyone left has won at least one competition. In fact, 12 people total this season have won competitions, which ties the record set in season 6 when 12 of the 14 HGs won competitions. The only people this season who didn’t win were David, Nick, Howard and Candice.

-Everyone who finished in the Top 10 this season won a competition (the eight current HGs plus Helen and Jessie). Season 6 is the only other time that has happened (the only two people who didn’t win were the first two HGs evicted, Ashlea and Michael). In season 9, everyone in the Top 9 won at least one competition.

-Amanda is the first non-HoH and non-nominee this season to win the Power of Veto

-Amanda is also the ninth different person to win the Power of Veto this season. That’s the most ever for a single season.

-Amanda continues to have great luck at having her name randomly chosen to compete for the Power of Veto. He name has come out of the bag four out of eight times, more than anyone else.

-Andy has terrible luck with the bag, only being chosen twice out of nine times. McCrae has only been chosen once in eight times, while Aaryn has never been chosen (though she’s only been eligible three times since she was nominated three times and HoH four times).

-Aaryn has played in the most Power of Veto competitions this season, seven, though it’s only because she’s almost always HoH or a nominee. Elissa, Amanda and Spencer have all played in six.

-Andy and McCrae are at the bottom of the list, only having played in three competitions each out of 10 total.

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