Chris H. brings the drama, but reveals the reason for his volatile personality. Two of the models continue to grow very close. An injury plagues Nina. A runway challenge has the contestants going in circles. The models do a photo shoot in a trailer park.

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Ladies Need to Man Up

Since Mike won best photo, that makes two weeks in a row that boys rule, and girls drool. Jourdan is starting to feel the pressure because she has no prospects waiting for her back home. These ladies need to step up their game.

BFF Forever

Nina, who twisted her ankle during casting, is still struggling with pain which seems extreme for a sprain. Lucky for her, Chris H. is very willing to nurse her back to health. The two have become very close in their short time together and even consider themselves best friends.

The constant togetherness is finally taking its toll on some relationships. Mike informs the group that each competitor will get five minutes of phone time. Interrupted by Chris H., Mike tells him to “shut the f**k up” which rubs Chris the wrong way. The other models aren’t surprised to see Chris go full-on drama and blow the incident way out of proportion. He demands an apology from Mike, who refuses. This melodrama with Mike reminds Chris H. of how his mother used to verbally abuse him. Why does every incident have to be fueled or justified by some deep, dark trauma? Sometimes a d**k is just a d**k. Toughen up, Chris. You won’t make it far in this business if you continue to be so sensitive. Get some therapy and move on.

Cory suggests that Chris H. share his childhood trauma with the rest of the group, so that they can gain a better understanding as to why his reactions to things can be so over the top. Chris calls a house meeting and tries to make amends. He does accept responsibility for rubbing some people the wrong way. Nina, of course, is especially sympathetic. She knows what it’s like to be misunderstood. Jourdan, who was in an abusive marriage, is also moved by Chris H.’s mea culpa. Others aren’t buying it. Mike has no tolerance for someone who has failed to develop appropriate coping mechanisms.

Runway Runaround

The models get to meet the Editor-in-Chief of Nylon magazine, Marvin Scott Jarrett. His monochromatic delivery reeks of teleprompter. He informs the group that he will be choosing the winner of this runway challenge, and he or she will get to show off his or her “awesome” personality on Nylon TV.

Johnny informs the models that the runway they’ll be walking will be spinning. Johnny styles the show using what he’s learned about the models’ personalities so far. He also calls out Mike for his terrible walk and advises him to ignore his instinct and go as far in the opposite direction from what feels natural to him as possible.

Johnny introduces the designers, Ashton Michael and Kimberley Gordon from “Wildfox.” The show starts, and most of the models struggle. Nina, who had a mini meltdown backstage fearing her ankle put her at a disadvantage, manages to at least stay upright, if not impressive. The designers are impressed by Jourdan and Renee.

Marvin Scott Jarrett doesn’t think Jeremy understands the challenge and thinks he is channeling the fictitious male model Zoolander. Johnny feels Mike isn’t living up to his potential. Chris H. does extremely well.

There are four standouts: Jourdan, Renee, Phil and Chris H.. Jourdan emerges victorious. Johnny tells the models their challenge scores will be waiting for them back at the house. Nina and Chris H. continue their bestie love fest since Nina feels Chris H. really helped keep her spirits up during the fashion show. Both Jeremy and Mike are at the bottom of the pack with matching scores of six.

Trailer Park Fabulous

For their next photo shoot, the models trade in their plush mansion for a trailer park. Johnny explains the look that he’s going for combines redneck culture with the glitter and glam of beauty pageants. He calls this hybrid “trailer park chic.” The competitors get to choose their partners based on how well they did at panel last week.

Leftovers Kanani, Jeremy, and Don go first. While Kanani feels comfortable in the surroundings, Jeremy struggles with the lighting and has to be told over and over by Johnny to stop squinting. Alexandra worries her partner Mike is just coasting along while she’s wanted this her whole life. Jourdan snaps up Chris H. leaving little Nina out in the cold. Johnny criticizes Chris H. for not always be in the moment or cognizant of the person he’s working with. Marvin is too busy lusting after partner Jiana to turn in a strong performance. Phil does well, but Nina’s ankle continues to affect her performance. Chris H. is there to tell her she killed it. Something tells me this twosome will be split up very soon.


Despite all her ankle woes, Nina does well with the judges, who love her photo. Kelly and Rob think Phil was made for the pic, but according to Bryanboy, his fans want more.

Marvin gets some criticism for not having much range when it comes to facial expression, but the judges love his body. Kelly and Tyra love Jiana, and she’s also the darling of social media.

Kelly tells Cory he looks very “dude” in his photo. He basically gets props for pulling off appearing straight. Kelly says Renee comes across great in person, but she fails to exude the same characteristics in pictures. Rob likes her body but not her face. Bryanboy tells her she’s not registering with fans.

Rob thinks that Mike might have just gotten lucky last week. Tyra tells Alexandra her pose isn’t flattering, but Bryanboy says she’s performing consistently in social media.

Rob is Team Jourdan, but Kelly finds her a bit stiff, and Tyra doesn’t see her relaying the story. Rob says Chris H. is improving each week. Tyra gives him some advice about learning how to use the light to his advantage.

Kelly and Rob aren’t fans of Kanani’s body, but Tyra strongly disagrees. Rob wants to see Don buff up, but even so, his social media scores jumped. Jeremy gained a lot of social media fans, but the judges’ scores are more mediocre.

Finally, the girls start to outshine the boys. Jourdan’s photo is number one, and Nina comes in second.

The bottom two are Jeremy and Mike. Mike is eliminated. But, there’s still a chance he’ll be back.

Next week promises a good catfight and a gender bending photo shoot.

America’s Next Top Model Cycle 20 airs Fridays at 9 p.m. on the CW.

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