After nine weeks of voting on Big Brother 15, it’s clear that people love doing “what the house wants.” That’s a common phrase to any fan, and it’s been used a lot this season to justify nominations or votes.

Voting with the house is a popular trend, and the subject of this week’s “By-the-Numbers,” where I take a deep-dive into the statistics of Big Brother.

For these stats, I’m referring to eviction votes with at least two people voting, thus allowing for people to vote in the majority of the minority. So it really only applies to votes made before reaching the Top 4. With so many HGs this season, and now with a HG returning, there will be more votes than ever before, and more opportunities to vote with the house and set records.

Now that we’re down to the Top 8, here’s a few interesting stats about how this season’s group compare to past house-voting.

-Four of the Big Brother 15 HGs in the Top 8 have voted with the house in every vote they’ve cast: McCrae, Amanda, Andy and Judd. That’s fairly common, but there were only three seasons with more house-voters in the Top 8.

In seasons 2 and 12, six members of the Top 8 voted with the house every time (though in season 2, that only covered the first three votes). The only season with five people in the Top 8 always voting with the house was in All-Stars.

-Season 15 is going to have more eviction votes than ever before, and thus far they’ve already had nine (which is more than three past seasons during their entire runs). There have been four unanimous votes (evicting Kaitlin, Candice, Judd and Jessie). Only three seasons had more unanimous votes: seasons 9 and 10 each had five and season 12 set the record with seven. With four more eligible votes, this year could beat it.

-The least unanimous season was Big Brother 11, where only one of the eight votes was unanimous (evicting Russell at the Top 6). However, in sheer volume, seasons 8, 13 and 14 all had eight different votes that were NOT unanimous.

-This season’s top two house-voters are Andy and McCrae, who have voted with the house all eight times they’ve voted (Amanda is at seven). That puts them in elite company, as only seven other HGs have ever cast eight or more house votes. The list includes season 12’s Enzo and Ragan, season 10’s Memphis, season 9’s Sheila, season 8’s Daniele Donato, season 7 winner Mike “Boogie” Malin and season 6 winner Maggie, who is the only person to cast nine votes with the house. That’s a record Andy and/or McCrae will almost certainly beat or surpass this year.

-Of the 13 seasons to feature houseguest voting, only four winners have made it through the entire season without ever casting a minority vote. They are season 4’s Jun, season 6’s Maggie, season 7’s Mike “Boogie” and season 12’s Hayden. There have been seven runners-up who always voted with the house.

-Oddly enough, there has only been ONE third-place finisher in the history of the series to always vote with the house: season 12’s Enzo Palumbo.

The Perfect Game

-Season 10’s Dan Gheesling is the only winner to ever play a Perfect Game, meaning he never had a single vote cast against him and he won a unanimous jury vote at the end. Only five other winners made it to the finale without ever having a vote cast against them and four of them had near-unanimous votes at the end, with only one jury member voting against them. Those four are season 4’s Jun, season 7’s Mike “Boogie,” season 9’s Adam and season 14’s Ian.

-This season, there are still five HGs capable of playing a Perfect Game, as McCrae, Andy, Amanda, Aaryn and GinaMarie have never had a single vote cast against them.

-The winner with the most votes against them was season 6’s Maggie, who had four votes cast against her during the season and had three jurors vote against her at the end. That could be beaten by Elissa, who so far has nine votes against her, or Judd, who had seven votes against him when he was evicted. Thus far Spencer only has two votes against him.

-Andy and McCrae have made it through nine rounds of nominations and evictions without ever being nominated. There are only six other HGs who have ever done this: season 5 winner Drew Daniel, season 6’s Beau Beasley and season 14 winner Ian Terry all made it nine rounds before finally getting nominated in the 10th, and season 6’s April Lewis and season 3’s Danielle Reyes and Jason Guy all survived 10 rounds without getting nominated.

If Andy and/or McCrae survive this week without getting nominated they will tie the record, and if either also survives next week, they will set a new record for most weeks without being nominated.

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