If you thought Big Brother 15 was done with Have-Nots just because they haven’t actually shown them or their food for almost the entire season, think again. The remaining HGs competed and we have the results below.

SPOILER WARNING: This article contains Big Brother 15 spoilers.

Helen, Elissa, GinaMarie and Amanda are Have-Nots. This is the second week in a row for Helen, Elissa and GM, with Amanda taking Aaryn’s spot from last week. It’s the third time for Amanda and GM and the fourth time for Helen and Elissa.

America voted to give them Head Cheese and Habaneros. I can only assume this is America’s way of punishing the HGs for such a terrible season.

It’s interesting that Helen and Elissa have been on the exact same schedule as Have-Nots. Both were Have-Nots for the first two weeks, then they had four weeks off, now they’re both Have-Nots for two weeks in a row again. It’s also interesting that they were both Have-Nots in week 2 when Aaryn won HoH and nominated them, which is going to happen again this week.


-With their fourth times, Helen and Elissa tie the all-time record for most weeks as Have-Nots. Michele Noonan from season 11 is the only other HG to reach four weeks since Have-Nots were first introduced in her year.

-Andy, Amanda and GM are all tied with three times as Have-Nots. In the past four seasons, other than Michele, there have only been six HGs who reached three weeks as Have-Nots.

-Spencer, McCrae and Aaryn have only been Have-Nots once each.

-This is the seventh week of Have-Nots for the season, setting a record since the concept was introduced in season 11. Seasons 11 and 12 each had six weeks of Have-Nots while seasons 13 and 14 only had five weeks.

-This season has also had the highest number of Have-Nots. The previous high came in season 12 when there were 19 Have-Nots designated throughout the season. With this week, season 15 is now at 29.

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