With America as the MVP this week on Big Brother 15, paranoia in the house has been at an all-time high. People are talking, alliances are shifting, targets are changing and anything can happen. In the history of Big Brother, the Power of Veto has never been used for the first four weeks in a row (back in season 11, it was used in each of the first three weeks). Has that all changed?

SPOILER WARNING: This article contains Big Brother 15 spoilers.

Elissa was America’s third nominee. Elissa also won the Power of Veto and used it to save herself.

GinaMarie is the replacement nominee.

Well, that’s not very interesting. The three people who were targets at the start of the week are now on the block. At least this means a girl is going home after three straight weeks of male evictions.

Right now, here’s how each of the three ladies stand.

Kaitlin: Though she was originally the pawn, the Goof Troop (Judd, Andy, McCrae and Amanda) have changed their minds and decided on Sunday that she needs to go. They think she’s in an alliance with Spencer, Howard and Candice, and they also think Aaryn is better to keep around because she’s a bigger target and everyone will always hate her. Worse yet, Jessie still hates Kaitlin (I assume over her Jeremy jealousy from week 1) and now Helen is jumping on this train of thought (despite promising to protect Kaitlin last week). Helen is a bit of a variable right now because, in the PoV competition, she earned a punishment of an 8pm curfew, meaning she can’t talk to anyone from 8pm-5am, the prime game-talk hours.

Aaryn: She’s burned a lot of bridges, and even though it might be purely for personal reasons, Elissa and Candice desperately want her to be evicted. Aaryn is the easy choice, the one who everyone can agree on if they don’t want to make a big move and have a nice, safe week. However, being untrustworthy, hated and alone are, ironically, things that make others want to keep someone in the house.

GinaMarie: Everyone agrees she’s crazy and her Nick obsession is obnoxious, but she’s a total non-entity in the game and getting rid of her would be a waste of time.

There’s definitely been a strong desire to get rid of Kaitlin in the last 24 hours. I hope it turns back, because I’m starting to be disgusted how everyone is keeping Aaryn around simply because of how awful she’s been and how much everyone hates her. Watching HGs be nice to her is just upsetting, especially after Jeremy was vilified for things that were nowhere near as bad as what Aaryn has said.

I would also feel bad for Kaitlin. I know it’s a game and people lie, but it would just be cruel to send her home after everyone made such a big deal last week over how saving herself and letting them backdoor Jeremy was so great for her game and would help her get so much farther.

After so much exciting paranoia over the weekend thanks to the twist, this third nomination certainly makes it a far less interesting week. The remnants of the Blonde-tourage are already the weakest people in the house, so getting rid of another one of them leaves the big fight (Howard/Candice/Spencer vs. Amanda/McCrae) for another week.

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