Game on. The second week of Big Brother 15 is shaping up to be one of the most exciting, fiercely complicated votes ever. The stage is set for a battle for the soul of the house and is testing the Moving Company’s commitment to each other.

'Big Brother 15' Spoilers: Was the Power of Veto Used in Week 2?

SPOILER WARNING: This article contains Big Brother 15 spoilers.

Elissa won MVP again and nominated Jeremy. Jeremy won the Power of Veto and saved himself.

Now comes a new wrinkle in the game, because since the MVP’s nominee was saved, the MVP gets to make the replacement nomination. Elissa has nominated Nick.

This definitely creates an epic battle for this week. Jeremy and his side of the house want Elissa gone, but Helen’s side wants to save her. In the middle is the Moving Company.

There are plenty of fascinating dynamics going on in the house this week, and the game is utterly brilliant. Things are definitely going to blow up.

In the Mega Alliance, Elissa, Helen, and Candice have formed a solid trio and are working hard to get Nick out. They’ve successfully convinced Andy, Judd, and Amanda that keeping Elissa is the smartest move because they can control the MVP every week and be guaranteed safety. They are completely right, and since McCrae, Howard, and Spencer are in their alliance, that’s an easy seven votes to evict Nick.

The problem is the Moving Company. Spencer admitted late Sunday to Howard that it’s hard to argue with the logic about keeping Elissa because it’s smart, except the others don’t know about the MC. Spencer, Howard, and McCrae spent most of the weekend trying to convince Amanda, Andy, and Judd that evicting Elissa is the smart move, even if it isn’t.

Things are complicated because the Mega Alliance is starting not to trust Spencer at all and are assuming he’s with Nick and Jeremy (but Helen and Elissa still think Howard and McCrae are 100 percent with them). The second complication is McCrae’s romance with Amanda because he can’t control her and the fight over keeping Nick vs. Elissa is causing a huge strain on their showmance.

As of Sunday night, Amanda has told McCrae that she is definitely voting to keep Elissa and he can do whatever he wants, but she kept pressuring him that getting rid of her is a horrible mistake. That showmance has turned into the worst thing for McCrae’s game and is making the MC’s mission very difficult. She is not budging one bit, putting McCrae in the awkward position of choosing between his alliance and his woman. Despite her pressure, he seems committed to keeping Nick and staying true to his original alliance. At least that’s what I took away from him saying almost nothing during the night as Amanda made the case for evicting Nick.

I know people hate Jeremy the bully and Aaryn the racist and want Elissa to stay, but I don’t think it’s the smartest move for the MC. If David and Nick are the first two HGs evicted, it sets the stage for the strong men to always be targets, ensuring that women will end up at the end. Rachel won Big Brother 13 because Evel Dick, Keith, Dominic, Brendon and Lawon were among the first six HGs to leave. The same thing happened in Big Brother 11 with Braden, Casey, Ronnie, and Jessie as four of the first five evicted HGs, leading to Jordan Lloyd winning.

It’s a smart lesson Elissa learned from her sister. In season 12, Rachel Reilly targeted and got rid of Monet and Kristen in her first two HoH reigns and was then evicted in ninth place. But in season 13, her first two HoH reigns successful got rid of Keith and Dominic. Women on women evictions leads to male domination in the game.

Still, getting rid of Nick now will hurt the Moving Company, because Jeremy will be the next target followed by Spencer, and eventually, the ladies will turn on Howard and McCrae too. If Nick goes home, I guarantee a woman will win Big Brother 15, which is obviously bad for the MC.
It’s also a bad move because the Mega Alliance is full of dangerously smart people who know the game. Sure, they have numbers, but McCrae, Spencer, and Howard are the minority compared to Amanda, Andy, Judd, Candice, Helen, and Elissa. Playing with those six is a lot less wise than playing with Nick, Jeremy, Aaryn, Kaitlin, and GinaMarie.

Right now I’m certain that there are five votes to evict Elissa (GinaMarie, Kaitlin, Jeremy, Spencer, and Howard) and four votes to evict Nick (Candice, Andy, Amanda, and Judd). Amanda could, conceivably, flip McCrae, though it’s doubtful. Jessie is a wildcard, but will probably side with evicting Elissa because she is desperate to fit in with the cool kids.

The vote will most likely send Elissa home, either 6-5 or 7-4. If Elissa is evicted, you can bet that Helen, Candice, Andy, Judd, and Amanda will freak out. It would almost be beautiful symmetry since Aaryn, GinaMarie and Kaitlin were blindsided last week. The MC could take turns blindsiding both sides of the house.

There’s still a lot of time until Thursday, so we’ll have to see how things work out. Will McCrae be able to control Amanda and get her to vote Elissa out? Will McCrae succumb to Amanda’s charms and betray his boys? Will the producers step in and create a new twist to save Rachel Reilly’s sister?

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