The Power of Veto is a lot more powerful on Big Brother 15. With half of the people competing nominated, there’s a greater chance that it will be used every time, which means no one is ever safe. After McCrae’s impressive back-to-back wins last season, who won the second PoV?

'Big Brother 15' Spoilers: Who Won the Week 2 Power of Veto?

SPOILER WARNING: This article contains Big Brother 15 spoilers.

Aaryn is the HoH and she nominated Elissa and Helen. Elissa won MVP again and nominated Jeremy. Nick and Amanda were also chosen to play in the PoV competition, hosted by GinaMarie.

Jeremy won the Power of Veto!

Yes, it turns out that his cockiness is backed up by total domination. He said he’d win and then he did. He really hasn’t lost a competition yet, since he won the week 2 HoH with Aaryn and he dropped off the first HoH to win the Never-Not Pass.

Obviously, Jeremy is going to use the PoV on himself, and since he’s the MVP nominee, the MVP gets to make the replacement nominee. Elissa is most likely going to put up Kaitlin, trying to evict Jeremy’s showmance instead. Nick is also a possibility, but prior to the competition, Elissa made a deal with Nick where he would throw the PoV in exchange for her not putting him up as a potential replacement nominee.

Of course, that could be trickier than she thinks. Andy, Judd, Amanda, and Candice might be on board with turning on Aaryn for a second week in a row and getting rid of one of her close allies, Kaitlin.

However, the MC controls the decision. So while I suspect there will be a campaign to send Kaitlin home instead of Elissa, it’s going to be a hard-sell to the MC. However, Spencer and McCrae have already considered voting out Kaitlin since she’s so close to Jeremy. The hardest part of it will be McCrae, who is close with Amanda and is torn between his showmance and his boys’ alliance.

In the immediate aftermath, Elissa and Helen talked about what a beast Jeremy is and how they need a slingshot to evict him, like David and Goliath. They’re basically assuming that he’s going to win every single competition he plays in, even mentioning that the PoV was designed for a girl to win, yet he won it anyway. Their plans are even based on the premise that Jeremy will win HoH next week, so they need to wait two weeks to get rid of him.

I know Jeremy is a hothead bully, but I’m amused that they’re talking about him like he’s some type of demi-god with the power of 10 men.

What do you think will happen? Will Elissa be evicted or will she be able to concoct a plan to convince the rest of the house to take out Jeremy’s girlfriend?

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