After the first week of Big Brother 15, the MVP twist is definitely shaking up how the game works. While Candice and Jessie were originally nominated, MVP Elissa nominated David, HoH McCrae won PoV and saved Candice to backdoor Elissa, then David went home anyway. So while it’s hard to get a good sense of what will happen based on the HoH’s original nominations, it’s still an interesting start to the week.

'Big Brother 15' Spoilers: Who's Nominated in Week 2?

SPOILER WARNING: This article contains Big Brother 15 spoilers.

Aaryn and Jeremy won the endurance HoH competition and he let Aaryn become the sole HoH. She nominated Elissa and Helen.

Or rather, Jeremy nominated them, since he’s basically serving as an unofficial co-HoH, making all of the decisions. He and his showmance cuddle buddy Kaitlin are even sleeping in the HoH bed with Aaryn, making for an odd mãnage a trois who now call themselves the Circle of Thrust (which has a slightly different Urban Dictionary definition). It’s a bit like the movie Wild Things, minus the lesbianism.

The plan, as envisioned by Jeremy, is to do what everyone SAID they would do last week and evict Elissa. Helen is nominated because she is Elissa’s closest ally in the house and Jeremy views her as a great competitor, smart and athletic, so he thinks that she will definitely be able to beat Elissa for PoV, ensuring that Elissa stays on the block. To Helen’s credit, she actually acknowledged this fact when speaking with Aaryn and Jeremy, explaining that she would understand the logic of nominating her instead of Candice, who she claimed couldn’t beat Elissa in a competition.

It’s very odd that, after Aaryn was so controlling and dominant with David last week, now that she’s HoH she seems to be incredibly passive, letting Jeremy do almost all of the talking when they met with individual HGs to discuss nominations.

This week Jeremy is definitely in control, perhaps too much since he’s pretty much bullying everyone into promising that this time around, they really will evict Elissa. He’s also getting dangerously close to exposing the Moving Company, telling people like Judd that Jeremy will know if he doesn’t vote to evict Elissa this week because he has eyes and ears everywhere. Jeremy also admitted to Judd that he knew David was going to be evicted even before Judd did.

That’s basically admitting that Jeremy is a part of some large, secret alliance in the house controlling the game (which he totally is). It’s the kind of reckless statement that makes me think he’s playing a terrible game and is just way too cocky and confident. But then it also seems to work, at least on some people. He knows he has the protection of the MC plus Aaryn, Kaitlin and GinaMarie (and maybe even Jessie since she’s clearly into him). That’s more than half the house squarely in his corner no matter what he says or does.

Speaking of the MC, they are looking incredibly solid. They only meet in secret, and usually only two at a time, but they are all on the same page and none of them are cracking, not even Jeremy to Kaitlin or McCrae to Amanda. Spencer and Nick have even said to each other in private that they trust the MC 100 percent and trust everyone else in the house zero percent.

However, the other side of the house is also convinced that their Mega Alliance is solid and that, if Elissa gets MVP, they will have the votes to send the third nominee home. It’s almost sad how Andy, Judd, and Amanda think they’re playing a better game than Jeremy, Aaryn, and Kaitlin’s side of the house, completely unaware of the Moving Company being a third, even more powerful alliance than both of them. I’m loving the symmetry of how this season there are three nominees AND three alliances, as opposed to most seasons that only have one side of the house battling the other.

Andy, Judd, and Amanda are trusting that their team (including McCrae, Spencer, and Howard) will vote together. However, the MC will either sway them to dump Elissa or just go against them and cause total confusion. The idea of weaponizing the MVP is a solid reason to keep Elissa, but the MC is confident they will win MVP if she’s gone (and I have to agree), giving them even more reason to send her home.

There also seems to be a groundswell to use the MVP to try and get rid of Jeremy, but if he’s nominated, that’s unlikely. He’ll have all four MC members plus Kaitlin and GinaMarie, which is all he needs. Either the MC members in the Mega Alliance will have to convince Andy, Judd, and Amanda to keep Jeremy, or they’ll have to turn on them, vote the other way, and potentially expose their secret alliance to save one of their own.

Now it’s all about the MVP (who will probably be Elissa and who will probably put up GinaMarie, Kaitlin, Jessie, or Jeremy) and the Power of Veto (which will only really matter if Elissa wins it).

In unrelated news, the Have-Nots for the week (Helen, Elissa, Andy, and Candice, who Aaryn got to pick as HoH) got Liver and Lima Beans to enjoy. I know the show loves alliteration, but I feel like Liver and Fava Beans would’ve been funnier, especially for Helen who was just crying over not getting any red wine.

Come back all weekend as the MVP, PoV, and more unfolds inside the Big Brother 15 house.

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