On Big Brother, power always seems to switch sides every week. Season 15 is no different, as the alliance that got blindsided in the first week is in charge for week 2. You can bet that whenever one half of a showmance gets evicted, their partner will win the HoH later that night.

Tonight Big Brother 15 finally shows us a segment about the many racist and awful things Aaryn has said, as well as her creepy clown and Jessie’s stalker tendencies. The girls this season are crazy.

The HoH Competition

We pick up with the HoH endurance competition where teams must transfer BBQ sauce to fill up a jug and retrieve a ping pong ball. Naturally, it starts with people falling set to comical sound effects.

Howard and Jessie, Spencer and Helen, and Nick and Judd all opt to fill a smaller jug first to get bigger cups. Nick and Judd do it first.

Amanda’s strategy is to walk on all fours so she doesn’t pop an implant. McCrae finds the greasy, panting Amanda on all fours arousing.

Elissa wants to win more than birds need their feathers, which she says in the most robotic voice possible. Is it just me, or does everything she says in the diary room sound like she’s reading it off a cue card? Maybe she just has a staccato speaking style. Whatever the case, she doesn’t sound human at all.

It’s basically a battle between Andy and Elissa vs. Jeremy and Aaryn, and the way they talk about it in the diary room, I’m fairly certain whoever loses is going to be murdered. The stakes are THAT high.

Thanks to Jeremy’s incredibly long fingers, he grabs the ball first and wins. Is it still cockiness if he backs up his words with victory? He lets Aaryn be the HoH, and she must immediately choose the four Have-Nots for the week.

Aaryn asks everyone who voted to evict David, and no one takes the bait. She then decides to be a vindictive beeyotch by making Elissa, Helen and Andy Have-Nots for a second week in a row, joined by Candice. Elissa is more upset about Helen than herself.

The Have-Nots also get Liver and Lima Beans, and next week we get to vote for Coconuts and Cabbage, Grapefruit and Guacamole or Mincemeat and Marshmallows. Those are all decent options.

Who Voted Out David?

After the HoH competition, Aaryn tries to figure out who voted to evict her boyfriend David. Jeremy thinks the past is the past and they shouldn’t worry about it. Spencer and Candice say they both voted to evict Elissa, even though Spencer didn’t. His plan was quite genius, because before the eviction he told Candice to vote out Elissa, which she did, thus giving him a perfect alibi, because Candice can back up his lie to Aaryn.

Andy decides honesty is the best policy (well, partial honesty) by confessing to evicting David without giving the real reason.

Elsewhere, Candice and Helen chat and try to figure out how the votes went down. Candice initially thinks Nick and Jeremy voted David out and are working together, but then she starts to suspect that Spencer only told her to vote out Elissa to throw her off because he’s with those guys too. She also suspects Howard and maybe even McCrae are involved. “I wonder if it’s like a boys’ super group,” Candice says, oblivious to the fact that she’s 100 percent right.

I almost feel bad for her, because she’s right, but Spencer’s move has made it so no one will believe her.

The Evil Clown

Aaryn’s HoH room features a stuffed clown that is the creepiest thing ever. Amanda suspects it comes to life at night and will kill her. When the Blonde-tourage is in the HoH room (Aaryn, Jeremy, Kaitlin, GinaMarie and Nick), Jeremy suggests these are the five who voted to keep David.

Aaryn isn’t so sure, implying that Nick is shady and may have been involved in the plot to evict David. She promises that, if this happens, she will castrate him. We then get a panicked close-up of Nick, a devilish close-up of Aaryn, and then a close-up of the clown. Great, now I’m going to have nightmares about being castrated by a clown.

Aaryn the Racist

To all of you people wishing that CBS would show Aaryn’s racist comments, your wish is granted. We get an entire segment of her making all those comments about African-Americans, gays and doing a stereotypical Asian accent. And wow, they showed a LOT of her awfulness. Hopefully that will satisfy the bloodthirsty viewers.

Jessie the Stalker

The comedy segment of the episode is all about how Jessie is desperate for a showmance because everyone else has paired off (Aaryn and David, Jeremy and Kaitlin, Amanda and McCrae). She wants Nick, but she suspects maybe he’s not into her. She’s very, very right.

She starts following him around, and he desperately tries to ditch her, even having Jeremy step in to provide defense. But Nick can’t lose her. He goes to bed, lies down, and Jessie just sits on the edge of the bed, sipping coffee and staring at him. It’s almost creepier than the clown.

The Nominations

Jeremy wants Elissa out and thinks Helen should go up as the other nominee. Spencer, however, wants Amanda out because she’s too close to McCrae and could break up the Moving Company.

Jeremy takes this back to Aaryn and tells her that Amanda masterminded David’s eviction and she should go up.

Despite this last-minute plan, Aaryn nominates Elissa and Helen. Last week Nick got to decide that David should go, and now Jeremy wants Elissa out. Maybe next week Spencer can get his wish to send Amanda home.

Aaryn’s speech blames Elissa for being the root of David going home and says Helen is a great competitor and she hopes she wins the Power of Veto. Elissa is upset that this decision was so predictable and unoriginal. That has to be the dumbest complaint I’ve ever heard. Was Aaryn supposed to nominate people no one expected, like Jeremy and Kaitlin?

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