In the first week of Big Brother 15, Rachel Reilly’s sister, Elissa, became the MVP, voted by America to make the third nomination. She put David on the block and he went home. Did she win again or did someone else take the MVP in week 2?

SPOILER WARNING: This article contains Big Brother 15 spoilers.

Elissa is the MVP yet again. Friday night the live feeds briefly showed the diary room (either by accident or on purpose), and it showed Elissa sitting next to the MVP envelope.

Aaryn is the week 2 HoH and she nominated Elissa and Helen.

First, let me get out the gratuitous groan of disappointment. Everyone in the house and everyone watching knows the ONLY reason she won MVP for the second week in a row is that her famous, Big Brother-winning sister is tweeting and encouraging all of her more than 90,000 fans to vote for her sister. That’s a huge, unfair advantage, and one that many people in the house frequently complain about.

elissamvpweek2.jpgThe revelation that Elissa is MVP again isn’t going to lessen that frustration. It’s so obviously rigged in her favor that it’s shameless and disgusting. I complained during season 13 that the producers rigged the events for Rachel to win, and now they’re doing the same thing for her sister. To be blunt, it’s total bullshit.

UPDATE #1: Elissa pulled Helen aside and told her about winning MVP. Helen suggested not telling anyone else. Elissa then said she should put up Jeremy. Obviously she’s only interested in making the most exciting TV show, and she knows Jeremy on the block will bring out his inner Cherokee spirit animal. I can’t be the only one who sees that Elissa, like Rachel, is more interested in trying to make good TV than playing a good game. The game itself is interesting enough without having people like Elissa trying to manufacture drama for the producers.

UPDATE #2: After getting interrupted, they got to talk again. They agreed that if Jeremy is their nominee and wins PoV, Kaitlin would be the replacement (or Nick). They also considered putting up Kaitlin and trying to backdoor Jeremy, but they don’t seem to understand the rules of the PoV at all.

UPDATE #3: Elissa and Helen have agreed that Jeremy will be the third nominee and, if he wins the Power of Veto, Nick will go up as the replacement. Little do they know that, either way, they’ll probably be safe thanks to the Moving Company. But their combined glee over the thought of sending Jeremy home during Aaryn’s HoH reign is quite entertaining.

UPDATE #4: Unrelated to the MVP, but very amusing, Helen talked with Andy and made sure that the MVP’s nominee, if it’s someone from Aaryn’s group, would go home. Andy agreed. Helen then asked Andy if he thinks Spencer might be working with Jeremy. Andy immediately shut her down and said that she can’t possibly think like that because she needs to stick to their Mega Alliance. The irony is delicious. Equally delicious is their confidence that, if Jeremy goes up as the third nominee, he will go home.

I’m certainly rooting for Elissa to lose Power of Veto and get voted out this week. If we have to spend the entire summer watching her win it week after week, it’s just going to get even more annoying. Big Brother 15 claims the MVP is supposed to be the person who is playing the best game, and there’s absolutely no way that even Elissa’s biggest supporters can claim she’s playing the best game inside the house.

Whatever the case, I have high hopes that her MVP status won’t help her this week. No matter who she puts up, if Elissa is still on the block at the end of the week, she could go home, especially since the Moving Company seems to agree that she needs to go. They control a large portion of the votes and can probably make it happen.

What do you think of Elissa being the MVP for two weeks in a row? Are you happy to see her fight back against Aaryn or angry that the whole thing seems rigged in her favor?

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