The Big Brother 15 live feeds were pretty quiet over the weekend. Everyone agreed on a plan and thought it was smooth sailing. But on Monday night, Jessie changed all of that by exploding like a time bomb and setting off a very crazy evening.

SPOILER WARNING: This article contains Big Brother 15 spoilers.

Andy won the Power of Veto and he decided not to use it. The plan was simple: Everyone would lie to Jessie, act like she’s safe, but in reality they would blindside her on Thursday and send her to the jury house. That didn’t work out.

Jessie started to get suspicious when Helen and Elissa stopped talking to her, so Jessie decided to try a new plan. Since she tried getting Andy to use the Power of Veto to backdoor Amanda and that failed, Jessie’s new plan was to turn on Helen and Elissa to get McCrae and Amanda’s support.

The problem for Jessie is that she told this to Andy, who is the real “tattletale rat” of the house, because he then told everyone else about Jessie’s flip-flopping. This resulted in some confrontations between Jessie and Helen and Elissa that got a whole lot of truths exposed and opened Jessie’s eyes to what’s really happening.

Basically, Jessie now knows that she’s going to be evicted and that Andy, Helen, Elissa and Aaryn have been lying to her and are working with McCrae and Amanda. Jessie is turning out to be a bit like Candice, able to correctly deduce facts, but unable to use them in a productive manner. The only pieces she’s wrong about are thinking McCrae, Amanda, Helen and Elissa have a Final 4 deal and that Andy is more loyal to Helissa than McCranda, when it’s actually the other way around. But really, Andy is floating between both couples, waiting to see which one prevails before picking a side.

The kicker came when Jessie eavesdropped on a big powwow with McCranda, Helen and Aaryn that confirmed all of her suspicions. So now, with nothing to lose, Jessie is just trying to stir up some drama and throw everyone under the bus by exposing secrets. It’s pretty entertaining.

She even revealed to everyone that Helen and Elissa were with her in the plot to evict Amanda over Candice, saying that Elissa suggested she should try to seduce Judd to get him to flip, thus resulting in Jessie making out with Judd. Amanda and others are questioning whether to believe any of this, but it’s quite true.

Of course, when Jessie confronted Helen about this, Helen denied it. It was kind of funny watching Helen get upset while denying something that she totally did. This is the problem with backing a girl like Jessie into a corner, because now she has nothing to lose.

Later in the evening, Jessie told GinaMarie that Aaryn has been telling everyone that GM is bad for her game, which sent GM off and led to her fighting with Aaryn. The argument became increasingly unstable as GM chestbumped Aaryn, and later, while rehashing it with Helen, they talked about how GM and others in the house are mentally unstable and they’re getting worried about their safety. Apparently GM asked the diary room if she would be allowed to beat up Candice in the jury house, and they of course told her no.

Jessie has also hit Elissa where it counts, sarcastically saying that she’s sure Elissa’s family is very proud of all her lies. Elissa has proven herself to be very concerned with her image and how her appearance on Big Brother 15 might negatively impact her real life.

If Jessie’s plan is to cause as much chaos as possible, and maybe even get someone to be expelled or self-evict, she’s doing a decent job. It’s a dirty, ugly game she’s playing, but I’ll be curious to see how far she pushes it. I could absolutely imagine GM getting herself expelled for violence if she gets pushed far enough, and that might lead to the nominations being voided.

Big Brother 15
has been quite dull and predictable. Earlier Monday Andy and Amanda even talked about how the diary room interviewers are trying to get them to say things that aren’t necessarily true just to add some spice, because I suspect they’re having a hard time pulling together enough material for Wednesday’s episode. Andy said that the diary room interviewers told him that after he won HoH, things got boring.

At least Jessie decided to stir the pot and create some drama, which is the least we can ask for with such a painfully pointless week.

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