On this week’s episode of The Real Housewives of New Jersey, Teresa and Jacqueline agree to move forward, if not as friends, then at least as civil acquaintances. Joe Gorga spends overdue quality time with Gia. Several of the families come together to participate in a charity event. And Jacqueline decides to undergo plastic surgery.

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So an Evil Person and a Sociopath Walk into a Bar

At the end of last week’s episode, Teresa and Jacqueline’s attempt to clear the air enough to allow for civility wasn’t going well. Their husbands chose to let bygones be bygones and were enjoying a some vino in the cigar bar of a local restaurant. In a private dining room, negotiations had almost completely broken down between the ladies. Jacqueline called Teresa a sociopath, and Teresa told Jacqueline she was evil.

Teresa can’t fathom what she’s done to hurt Jacqueline but is forced to face the music when Jacqueline confronts her with a comment Teresa made while in Lake George. Jacqueline says how much it upset her to hear that Teresa had said that instead of being on Twitter, why doesn’t Jacqueline worry about her son. Jacqueline tells Teresa not to imply that her focus does not rest almost solely on the care of her son with autism. This seems to be the catalyst for a breakthrough of sorts. Teresa offers up an apology for what Jacqueline is going through and even says she doesn’t want to upset her.

Teresa expresses how deep their 10 year relationship was, and it is obvious that Teresa is being genuine. Teresa swears she would never hurt Jacqueline or her family. She also points out they are going in circles and nothing is getting resolved. Jacqueline wants to know where the two go from here, and Teresa wants nothing more than mutual civility. Jacqueline says that in spite of past comments made out of anger or hurt, she’s willing to move forward with no ill intentions. Teresa says that’s all she can ask for, and that if Jacqueline has issues with her in the future, she should get them out in the open. Jacqueline feels good to have some peace now but doesn’t think the relationship can rebound and be what it once was.


Kathy and Jacqueline go lingerie shopping. Teresa has invited both women to a charity event she’s holding. It involves Zumba, a Latin-inspired, dance-fitness program. Jacqueline worries about feeling self-conscious. We all know she has some pretty deep-seated body image issues. Kathy feels the sentiment behind the invite is a positive step forward, but fears she’ll never be able to physically keep up. Jacqueline reveals to Kathy that she’s going to be traveling to Beverly Hills to get a tummy tuck and have some procedure to tighten up the skin underneath her neck as well. Kathy is excited Jacqueline is going to take some time to attend to her own needs.

From the Mouths of Babes

Now that Teresa and Joe are on speaking terms, Joe decides to be a better uncle and godfather to Gia. He admits that he doesn’t know who she is or who’s she’s growing up to be. He decides to take her go-karting. Poor Joe, after beating his niece on the track, he asks how she liked looking at his ass. He obviously means this in a completely different way than the creepy way it sounds.

Joe struggles to communicate with Gia and attributes it to her being a teenager. Gia makes it clear that all of the fighting in the family has taken its toll on not just her mother and uncle’s relationship but on the family as a whole. Gia tells Joe that Teresa has confided in her a great deal. Joe reminds her that there are two sides to every story. Gia points out that she had a front row seat when Joe insulted his sister at his son’s christening. She admits that she was teased at school, and other kids called Joe a “maniac.” Joe admits that he sometimes embarrass himself in the way he reacts to situations, and he’s going to take steps to improve.

Charitable Behavior

The day arrives for Teresa’s NephCure charity event. Apparently, the NephCure Foundation’s focus is on a rare form of kidney disease. Kathy, Rich and their kids, Rosie, the Gorgas and the Lauritas all arrive at Teresa’s. A bus arrives to shuttle the group to the venue. On the ride, Teresa tells Jacqueline she’s glad she’s going. Rosie verifies whether or not the two women “hashed things out,” and Joe Giudice says he’s over all the BS anyway. Teresa does tell everyone that Jacqueline called her a sociopath and then asks Jacqueline what a sociopath is. Apparently, she’s never heard the word before. Jacqueline tells her to look it up. Teresa doesn’t agree with Jacqueline’s assessment of her mental health, but decides to let it slide since they are making progress and moving forward. Then why did you bring it up at all, Teresa?

A Bittersweet Goodbye

Albie and Chris’ roommate and longtime family friend, Greg, is trying to cram in as much bro time as possible before he moves to San Francisco to start a new job. We haven’t seen much of Greg this season, but he went on both the trip to Chicago and Napa during season 4. The whole gang, minus Joe and Teresa, gets together to say their goodbyes. Caroline gets very teary and sentimental and presents Greg with a special gift. Teresa admits that Albie and Greg have been friends for so long, he’s like a third son to her. She feels his departure is like losing one of her own kids.

Getting Her Sexy Back

Jacqueline arrives in Beverly Hills for her plastic surgery. She says the best part of the trip will be spending time with her daughter, Ashlee. Their relationship has apparently evolved quite a bit over the past year. She thinks she might have been holding her daughter back, and that Ashlee needed the time away from her family to grow up. Jacqueline even experiences a Freaky Friday situation with Ashlee acting like the concerned parent to a more reckless Jacqueline.

Jacqueline’s parents are also in California, and they let their daughter know their worries and concerns regarding her going under the knife. She understands their point of view but is more excited by the outcome than concerned about the risks.

There’s nothing that makes me queasier than watching plastic surgery on TV, and I’m certain there isn’t one Real Housewives franchise where I’ve been spared from seeing this grotesque display. Let’s just hope Jacqueline knows when to say when.

The Real Housewives of New Jersey airs Sundays at 8pm on Bravo.

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