Big Brother 15 has a streak going with the Power of Veto. The first seven competitions were won by seven different HGs, and it has been used every single time. It’s also been won by the HoH or one of the nominees every week. So will any of those streaks continue?

SPOILER WARNING: This article contains Big Brother 15 spoilers.

Andy is the HoH. He nominated Spencer and Jessie. Helen, Elissa and Amanda were also picked to play for the Veto. The competition was the typical one where HGs guess how many of something there are and then Stay or Fold in each round after seeing everyone’s answers.

Andy won the Power of Veto.

Wow, so he went from winning nothing to winning two competitions in a row. It sounds like Jessie did very poorly and Elissa made it to the end with Andy, but folded, thus automatically giving him the win.

Now comes the hard part for him: betraying a friend.

Andy has been telling Jessie that she was definitely safe, just a pawn, and that he had a “master plan” this week. But that was just to keep her on his side in case she won the PoV.

He has told Aaryn he won’t be using it, and while they’re debating who to keep (because, really, Jessie and Spencer are almost equally irrelevant), it’s leaning heavily towards evicting Jessie. They think she’s with Helissa and would nominate McCranda, while Spencer would nominate Helissa. And since Aaryn and Andy are in a Final 4 alliance with McCranda (called 3 A.M. after their initials), Spencer is the better bet.

However, Andy also thinks Spencer is shadier and less easy to manipulate than Jessie. I’m not as certain as I usually am about who will go, and at this point it could probably swing either way based on who says what and what different people want. If I had to guess, I’d say as soon as Amanda chimes in about wanting Jessie gone, wishy-washy Andy and Aaryn will fall in line because their only real goal is not offending anyone.

The dickish part is that Andy is telling both Spencer and Jessie they’re safe and wants to blindside whoever goes.

None of this really matters, because everyone knows the real show is next week. This is all setting the stage for the epic McCranda vs. Helissa war that has been brewing for a while, with Andy, Aaryn and GinaMarie just trying to take cover so they can wait to see who wins before picking a side. They might be leaning towards McCranda, but if Helen or Elissa win the next HoH, you bet your ass they will ALL float to that side and start saying that getting rid of Amanda or McCrae is a good idea.


-Andy now makes eight different Power of Veto winners in a row for this season. That total ties the record set by seasons 3, 5 and 9, with eight different people winning the PoV. Amanda, GinaMarie and Helen are the only remaining HGs who have never won the PoV.

-Every PoV winner this season has been the HoH or a nominee. In every past season there has been at least one PoV winner who wasn’t HoH or a nominee, and every season but one (All-Stars) had at least three non-HoH/nominee PoV winners.

-This marks the 22nd time an HG has won HoH and PoV in the same week, following in the footsteps of Aaryn in the double eviction and McCrae in week 1. He is the first openly gay HG to achieve this feat. While it’s been done 22 times, there are only 20 people who have done it, as Jeff Schroeder and Janelle Pierzina each did it in two separate seasons.

-Amanda is the luckiest HG when it comes to being randomly chosen to compete for the Power of Veto. She has been selected three times out of a possible six.

-Aaryn is the only HG left who has never been randomly chosen to compete in the Power of Veto competition, though she has played in three as HoH and two as a nominee.

-Jessie, Spencer and Amanda have played in the most competitions, all eight HoHs and five PoVs each.

-Of the remaining HGs, McCrae and GinaMarie have competed in the fewest challenges, nine each (seven HoHs and only two PoVs).

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