The Power of Veto ceremony on Big Brother 15 has been full of action. The first seven PoVs were used to save one of the nominees, though the replacement nominee has gone home less than half of that time. So what happened in week 7?

SPOILER WARNING: This article contains Big Brother 15 spoilers.

Andy won the Power of Veto. He did not use it.

For the first time all season, the PoV was not used, and the result is one supremely dull week. Andy certainly hasn’t made good on any of the promises he made on Sunday’s episode in the diary room about making a big move or proving that he’s here to play the game. I certainly understand his strategy (avoid making enemies), but I think it’s short-sighted. He’s playing to go as far as he can, not to win, and there’s a big difference in those two strategies.
With Jessie and Spencer on the block, it’s almost inevitable that Jessie will be evicted. There has been a little bit of campaigning, but it seems to have backfired. Jessie talked to Andy about backdooring Amanda, but since Andy is so far up McCranda’s butts, this actually sealed her fate. Jessie has to go because she would go after Amanda and McCrae. I truly have no idea why that’s a bad thing since it seems obvious to me that Amanda or McCrae will absolutely win this game if they reach the end, but then again I’m not a spineless jellyfish.

The most interesting thing will be how the Big Brother 15 editors can piece together enough material for Wednesday’s episode. Between the nomination ceremony Friday evening and the Power of Veto ceremony Monday morning, almost nothing happened. Andy won the Power of Veto and didn’t use it, and everyone just pretended that Jessie is staying even though she’s not. I foresee plenty of filler. Maybe Andy will be attacked by another bird.

With this week decided, it’s mostly about next week now. Andy and McCrae formed a Final 3 alliance with Helen, though I’m fairly certain that’s fake since Amanda suggested they do it to ensure she doesn’t come after McCranda next week. I hope she’s not dumb enough to fall for it. Spencer has said he’d put up Helen and Elissa next week, though I’m not sure if he means it or if he just knows what the right thing to say is in order to stay over Jessie.

This week has been largely about setting up a McCranda vs. Helissa War, so if one of those four does not get evicted next week, I will be sorely disappointed. Sadly, the latest news is that Helen has been telling Andy that it’s STILL too soon to go after Amanda next week because they still have pawns to get rid of (ie GinaMarie and Spencer). But I’m praying this is just a cover because now she knows Andy is with McCranda over her.

We’ve been promised action and excitement all season long and the show hasn’t really delivered, except for the 10 minutes between Aaryn winning the PoV and Judd being blindsided.

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