If you’ve watched Big Brother, then you know sometimes the uncensored live feeds bring out the uglier side of the houseguests. There have been some memorably disgusting racist and bigoted remarks, whether it was the anti-Hispanic tirade by Braden on Big Brother 11 that resulted in him being the first HG evicted or Jeff Schroeder’s rant about how he wouldn’t send his kids to Hogwarts because Dumbledore is gay.

But people watching Big Brother 15 are being exposed to a whole new level of frank and rather ugly language.

SPOILER WARNING: This article contains Big Brother 15 spoilers.

The worst offenders of tasteless and offensive language are the Blonde-tourage, aka Bieber Fever. Aaryn, who I previously and erroneously called my favorite because she seemed to understand the game, has proven herself to be rather vicious. First of all, she’s completely dominating her showmance David (who is probably going home this week), chastising him for talking to other girls. She’s basically a castrating she-beast as a girlfriend.

By itself, I’m not terribly offended by it. It’s crazy, yes, but David is a narcissistic airhead. However, Aaryn also got into a huge fight with Candice (aka the half-black houseguest) because she thinks Candice sat on her hat. I’m not kidding, they got into a huge fight over a hat. Aaryn corrected her in the middle of the fight, explaining that the word is “asked, not axed,” as Candice was pronouncing it. It’s not exactly on par with Paula Dean, but it’s certainly coded language, like calling her “urban.”

Aaryn then chatted with Kaitlin and GinaMarie about Candice and Howard being the “tokens” in the house since they’re both black. While Aaryn’s comments are disgusting, I do think it’s worth noting that the other side of the house (the Mega Alliance with Amanda, Spencer, McCrae, Andy, etc) also speaks derogatively about Candice, and while it’s not about race, they do seem to have absolutely no respect for her as a person.

Oh, and if you don’t already hate Aaryn, she also disparaged Helen, commenting that she should shut up and “go make some rice.” Helen, by the way, is Asian. And she’s mocked the fact that Andy will probably win MVP because “people love the queers.” I know they have no idea about the recent DOMA and Prop 8 rulings by the Supreme Court, but this is definitely the WRONG week to be ant-gay.

This cavalcade of absurdly inappropriate language also includes Kaitlin using the n-word. Though, in her defense, she was using the slang version, ending with an “a,” in a general sense and not referring to African-Americans in any way, and as soon as she did it, she regretted it. I think that’s more about the way people speak and less about actual racism. She was using it to refer to other people, the same way a rapper would use it in a song.

There’s definitely no censorship on the mouths of most of the HGs. GinaMarie is constantly referring to a piercing she has on a certain part of her downstairs anatomy that rhymes with “Dolores.” And Spencer has called Andy, the homosexual HG, “Kermit the F**” because he was wearing green. But again, he was joking to Andy’s face and those two seem to have the kind of friendly relationship where Andy was OK with it.

The end result of all of this crazy language is that the Big Brother 15 live feeds are a must-have for people who love incredibly graphic and profane dialogue. And racism. And homophobia. And sexism (whether it’s Jeremy casually making jokes about hooking up with Kaitlin and calling all women bitches or the nonstop cattiness of nearly every woman in the house).

I don’t know who to root for. The Bieber Fever crew have exposed themselves as idiotic players and genuinely awful people, but the Mega Alliance is way too cocky and confident, already talking about how the next month or two are easy because they have it all mapped out. They also talk about how they’re just using Elissa and how much they hate Candice. They might not use specific racist words or references, but the Mega Alliance, especially Spencer and Amanda, is just as cruel and heartless as the other side. They’re loud, mean bullies, and just because Aaryn and others are ALSO loud, mean bullies doesn’t exonerate their behavior.

I hate boring and predictable seasons, but I also have no desire to see the hateful Bieber Fever crew rise up against the Mega Alliance. There’s a lot going on inside the Big Brother 15 house, and I’ll be interested to see how much of it, if any, makes it to TV.

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