On Big Brother 15, there are more than five days between the Power of Veto competition and the eviction vote. Sometimes things can change completely in that time and sometimes there’s a plan from the beginning that gets executed to perfection. So what kind of week will it be?

'Big Brother 15' Spoilers: A Secret Rebellion Is D.O.A.

SPOILER WARNING: This article contains Big Brother 15 spoilers.

Aaryn nominated Howard and Spencer. Amanda is the MVP nominee and Spencer won the Power of Veto. Everyone knows that Aaryn is going to replace Spencer with Candice at the PoV ceremony Monday morning.

Already the campaign to keep Howard and evict Amanda has begun, and it pretty much died shortly thereafter. The following series of conversations took place over a six-hour span on Saturday night. While I admit there’s still time for things to change, these discussions paint a pretty bleak picture.

Candice and Jessie: Candice began by asking Jessie about the possibility of sending Amanda home. Jessie simply said she would do what the house wants, then she said that Helen has more pull with the others, so Candice should talk to her. Way to throw Helen under the bus, Jessie.

Candice and Andy: A few hours later Candice talked to Andy, who was non-committal and wishy-washy as always, just saying that there’s a lot of time left and things can change, but Howard is definitely the target. He basically played the same game as Jessie, passing the buck onto Helen.

Helen and Elissa: As Candice was talking to Andy, the Mom Squad met to discuss when they should try to get Amanda out, and whether this was the right time. They both fear that Amanda is running the house and they may not have another opportunity to take her out without Howard around. They also worried about Amanda getting closer to Aaryn.

Candice, Helen, and Elissa: After a late dinner, Candice finally met up with Helen, the “ringleader,” and Elissa, and pitched the plot to save Howard. She suggested having the team of Helen, Elissa, Jessie, and Andy unite to vote out Amanda (with Spencer as the fifth vote). This would make sense if Jessie and Andy were actually telling the truth about following Helen’s lead.

But Helen dashed all of Candice’s hopes and dreams by saying it’s not an option, though Elissa seemed receptive to it. Helen, of course, put the blame on the others, saying Andy, Jessie and Judd really want Howard out and GinaMarie will just do whatever Aaryn tells her to do. She added that Andy hates Howard and Jessie will do whatever Judd says. And when Candice explained that it could work because Helen controls the house, Helen got a bit agitated and left.

Helen and Jessie: Immediately after that meeting, Helen went outside to talk with Jessie and have a cigarette (because apparently, that’s how stressful it was). Helen then complained about how aggressive Candice was and the two agreed that it’s never going to happen because they need McCrae to trust them for now and it’s not the right time yet to make a move against Amanda.

They added that they definitely want Elissa in the jury and do not want Aaryn in the jury, since she would vote for Amanda or McCrae to win if they made it to the end. This is the opposite of how others (Judd, Amanda, and McCrae) think, as they don’t want Elissa or Candice on the jury. Yes, all of these people are so cocky about surviving the next three weeks they’re all making plans for who should be on the jury. The saddest part is that they’re not wrong.

Helen and Jessie then bashed Candice a bit for playing a terrible game. Helen said “She sucks” while Jessie added this bon mot: “Why can’t she think with her brain instead of her vagina?” Says the girl who tried to start showmances with Nick, Jeremy, David, and McCrae before settling with Judd.

Helen, Jessie, and Everyone in Their Alliance: After bitching about Candice, Helen and Jessie then relayed the story to Judd, Aaryn, Amanda, Andy, GinaMarie, and McCrae. In other words, they outed Candice’s attempt to turn the house against Amanda to everyone. They all had a good laugh about how stupid Candice is for thinking Jessie, Judd and Andy are swing votes. They also bashed her for a horrible strategy of campaigning to keep Howard when she’s about to be nominated (though it doesn’t matter because it’s doubtful they’re gonna flip and get rid of Candice instead).

To their credit, they did agree that Candice was impressive for being the first person to put all the pieces together about the boys’ alliance. Still, unless it’s all part of some super elaborate scheme, Candice’s plan to evict Amanda is dead on arrival.

While evicting Amanda looks to be a nonstarter, Spencer has taken it upon himself to start a new plan: evict Candice. I assume this one will also fail, but it has slightly better odds, especially since people HATE Candice (mostly Aaryn, Amanda, and GinaMarie) and for the others, the fact that Candice has proven herself to be able to intelligently figure out what’s happening in the house could make her a threat.

Unfortunately for him, the others are probably smart enough to see that if Candice goes, Spencer and Howard remain a theoretically strong duo, whereas if Howard goes, Spencer and Candice become two powerless individuals who will never work together.

There are still more than four days left until the actual eviction, but it’s starting to feel a lot like week 3 when Helen backdoored Jeremy. Everyone sees Howard as a huge threat because…um…he’s big? Honestly, the other HGs talk about how Howard’s social game is terrible and he hasn’t won a single competition, so I have no idea why he’s such a massive target who needs to be taken out.

I’m pretty sure it’s just residual anger from Amanda because the Moving Company wanted her gone, and everyone else is just going along with it because no one wants to be on Amanda’s bad side. Right now it’s like Amanda is the Wicked Witch of the East, making the Munchkins live in total fear. They’re all waiting for a giant house to fall on her, but no one wants to do it (because then her sister, who I guess in this metaphor is McCrae, will come after them). Someone needs to step up and be Dorothy.

Howard wanted to be that person to crush Amanda and put on her ruby slippers (OK, this metaphor is starting to get away from me), but now it looks like, for him, there’s no place like home.

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