The more things change on Big Brother 15, the more they stay the same. After Kaitlin was evicted in the season’s first unanimous vote, Aaryn, aka one of the most hated HGs of all-time thanks to her racist comments, has regained power as the HoH. So what was her first night back in power like?

SPOILER WARNING: This article contains Big Brother 15 spoilers.

It seems as though Aaryn is going to stick to the deal she made with Helen to nominate Howard and Spencer, hoping that it will keep her and GinaMarie safe for several more weeks.

Following Aaryn’s second HoH victory, there was a lot of scrambling, lying and throwing people under the bus. It was kind of hard to understand, but here’s what I believe happened.

Prior to Kaitlin’s eviction, Jessie told Candice about the deal Aaryn made with Helen to stay safe. Yeah, it turns out sweet little Jessie has learned a lot under Amanda’s tutelage about scheming and manipulation. In fact, Jessie is now acting like Aaryn’s BFF in the house. I never thought I’d say this in a million years, but Jessie might be playing the best game.

However, the real drama comes from the fact that Jessie has people, most notably Helen, believing that it was Elissa who spilled the beans to Candice, thus painting an even bigger target on Elissa’s back. As a result, Helen is playing the ultimate two-faced role, pretending to be friends with Elissa while trashing her and throwing her under the bus behind her back.

The end result of all of this is basically that Aaryn and GinaMarie have taken over Elissa’s role in the power structure of the house. Once everyone left Aaryn’s HoH room except for GM, Aaryn proceeded to tell her all about the deal she made and the people they’re now in bed with. They are now aligned with Amanda, McCrae, Andy, Judd, Jessie and Helen, aka the six people who have basically been running the game from the start and who have orchestrated the eviction of all of Aaryn and GM’s allies.

The plan is to do exactly what Aaryn promised by nominating Howard and Spencer, with the goal of evicting Howard (though Spencer would be a suitable alternative). And regardless of the MVP nominee, they probably have the votes to do it.

Aaryn and GM are positively giddy over their change in fortune, bad-mouthing Jeremy and Kaitlin while talking about how Howard, Spencer and Candice will be the next three to go, ensuring that both remaining Mean Girls make it to the jury.

Things are definitely looking grim for Howard this week, as he’s almost certainly going to be nominated and targeted. Judd and McCrae even think he’s won the Coup d’Etat (in fact, for the past few days, Judd has actually been digging through Howard’s bags searching for something because he’s so convinced Howard has a special power). We know he doesn’t, but the sense in the house is that he’s the MVP. Or at least that’s the lie everyone has agreed upon to justify getting rid of him.

It’s unlikely that America’s MVP nominee will have much effect on the game this week as Aaryn’s new alliance has the numbers. I suppose it’s possible that, if Amanda goes up as Rachel Reilly has instructed her fans to do, there could be talk of trying to get rid of her, but it’s unlikely to gather much steam.

The only real mystery is whether Aaryn is putting the cart before the horse. She seems comfortable with her new group, but will they really stick with her longer than one week or just use her to get rid of Howard, then toss her out next week? Unlikely, as Amanda, McCrae and Andy have already made plans to be in the Top 7 with Judd, Jessie, Helen and Aaryn, then cutting Aaryn and Elissa. Yes, they’re that cocky.

However it turns out, one thing is clear: The power is still in the hands of a small group of people. Andy, Amanda, McCrae, Judd and, surprisingly, Jessie are running the show, with Helen as an extra member who is probably going to be cut loose as soon as they reach jury. Helen is covering all of her bases and seems to be bonding with the outsiders, mostly Candice, over the ominous Amanda threat.

Aaryn might think she’s finally in a good position and on top of the world, but she’s just working for the real power. Amanda has had her fingerprints over every single HoH reign while McCrae, Judd and Andy seem to act like her flying monkeys. The only surprising development for me is the emergence of Jessie as a master of deceit.

This week is certainly going to be rough for Big Brother 15 producers, as a storyline involving Aaryn the alleged racist targeting Howard, the big, black man, is the worst thing imaginable. I’ll be curious to see how fans and viewers will react to the way Amanda, McCrae, Andy, Judd and Jessie have embraced Aaryn and are targeting Howard, Candice and Elissa. It’s going to be hard for those HGs to hold the moral high ground when smiling and laughing with someone as hated as Aaryn.

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