Since the Have-Not room was introduced on Big Brother 11, only three people have survived without ever having to suffer a week of Slop, cold showers, and uncomfortable beds. Last year, Frank Eudy and Jenn Arroyo were never Have-Nots, and season 12’s runner-up Lane Elenburg also avoided it. There are others who were evicted before ever becoming Have-Nots, but those three are the only ones who went all the way until the Have-Not room was closed. So how do the Big Brother 15 HGs stack up after week 5?

'Big Brother 15' Spoilers: The Week 5 Have-Nots

SPOILER WARNING: This article contains Big Brother 15 spoilers.

Judd, Candice, Amanda, and GinaMarie are the Have-Nots for the week. They received Ramen and Raisins.

This marks the first time GM is a Have-Not, and now Aaryn remains the only HG still in the house who has never been one.

It’s the third time for both Candice and Judd and the second time for Amanda. Candice was also a Have-Not last week and has been a Have-Not for three of the past four weeks. Judd has been a Have-Not every odd-numbered week in the house.

This now puts Judd, Candice, and Andy as HGs who’ve been Have-Nots for three weeks. They join a list of six past HGs who were also Have-Nots for three weeks in their years: Ian and Shane from season 14, Shelly in season 13, and Enzo, Ragan, and Brendon in season 12. Season 11’s Michele Noonan is the only HG to ever be a Have-Not for four weeks.

Next comes the nominations. Aaryn has already agreed to do what Helen, Amanda, McCrae, Andy, Judd, and Jessie want, which is to put up Howard and Spencer. Howard tried his hardest to talk Aaryn into working with him, but it didn’t seem to have much effect, even though he was absolutely right about how a bigger move would be going against the people who have actually been in power. It’s frustrating when Howard speaks because he seems to understand exactly how the game is going and where everyone is, which means he’s probably going home because he’s a threat.

We’ll find out if Aaryn sticks to her new alliance later tonight when she makes her nominations.

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