Aaryn is the HoH once again on Big Brother 15, but maybe this time her nominations will actually matter. Well, when I write “her nominations,” that’s not entirely true. She’s just playing the dutiful role of a puppet.

SPOILER WARNING: This article contains Big Brother 15 spoilers.

Aaryn nominated Howard and Spencer.

In reality, Helen, Amanda, McCrae, Andy, Judd and Jessie nominated these two, because they’re the ones who made a deal with Aaryn to keep her over Kaitlin in exchange for doing this.

It’s depressing for me to watch because the same six people who’ve been in power every single week and who have controlled every single eviction are now getting Aaryn to do their dirty work for them.

Howard is definitely the target, though everyone is fine with Spencer going home if Howard wins the Power of Veto. Well, that’s what they say now, but I suppose it’s possible the tide could change and Candice or Elissa could be evicted. I doubt there’s a tide powerful enough to make anything else happen.

There are many things I find depressing about this turn of events. First of all is how awful Amanda has become. She’s always been a little vulgar and mean, but now she’s railing about how badly she hates and wants to kill Candice, even calling her hair “greasy” and “nappy.” This is getting close to the particular brand of racism Aaryn has been spewing.

Amanda is angry that Candice suggested that Aaryn should nominate her and McCrae. Amanda also claims Howard needs to go because he’s made deals with everybody. This is blatantly hypocritical. It’s absurd to be angry at someone for coming after you when you’re coming after them. And quite frankly, everyone in this house has made deals and fake alliances with everyone else.

Sure, Spencer and Howard made an alliance with Amanda and McCrae. They also made deals with Andy and Judd, and Judd, Kaitlin and GinaMarie. But Amanda and McCrae have alliances with Judd and Andy, plus those two and Helen and Elissa, plus Jessie, and now plus Aaryn and GinaMarie. So by my count, Amanda is guilty of everything she’s accusing Howard, Spencer and Candice of doing.

Even worse, Howard clearly understands what’s happening this season. He sees that there’s a power in the house that has been orchestrating everything and that doing exactly what they want and targeting him isn’t really a power move. The real power play would be going after those people in charge, like Amanda and McCrae.

He talked to Aaryn about this, and their conversation was respectful and intelligent. He tried his best to get her to do something, but she’s already made more than enough enemies and doesn’t want them coming after her, so she’s just decided to play along with what the house wants.

Howard knows who’s in charge, who’s running the show, and he knows he, Spencer and Candice are on the outside while Aaryn and GinaMarie are just being used and will be discarded because they’ve joined the bottom of a very big totem pole.

He’s exactly right. The people in charge are already talking about whether Elissa, Candice or Spencer should be allowed to make it to the jury. In a bit of pure, delicious irony, this is the exact same conversation Amanda and McCrae were having with Spencer and Howard last week about Aaryn, Kaitlin, GinaMarie and Elissa.

I really hope Howard wins the Power of Veto and I really, REALLY hope he wins the next HoH. He’s the only person in this entire game who would be willing to make a real big move and try to turn everything upside-down (well, maybe Spencer). I don’t know if he would succeed because one man, by himself, can’t really take out a whole army, but it would be nice to see him try.

Right now Andy, Judd, Amanda and McCrae (aka the Goof Troop) are the only four HGs who have never been nominated. And if Howard gets evicted, that will probably stay true for a few more weeks.

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