The Big Brother 15 HGs may be trapped in the house on the Fourth of July, but there were still some emotional fireworks to enjoy. The live feeds went down for an hour Thursday night as the HGs were treated to a Fourth of July BBQ, and when the feeds came back, there was pandemonium.

SPOILER WARNING: This article contains Big Brother 15 spoilers.

Based on what’s being said, Jessie was the center of all the controversy during the BBQ. Allegedly she mentioned wanting to get into a showmance with McCrae after Amanda gets evicted, and she also had a huge fight with Elissa, going off on her over rumors swirling that Elissa said Jessie is in a showmance with Judd.

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It’s basically a massive storm with Jessie at the eye, because no one trusts her. Both sides of the house have come together to realize that Jessie is just going back and forth, telling everyone everything she hears. This is supposed to be a no-floater summer, but Nick has referred to Jessie as a “turbo floater.”

It’s hardly a surprise. On Big Brother 15 we’ve already seen Jessie’s obsessive desire to get involved with a showmance. Originally she wanted either Nick or Jeremy, but neither was interested. Jeremy is now with Kaitlin, his “cuddle buddy,” and Nick is close to GinaMarie, though there’s nothing even remotely sexual going on, not even kissing. In fact, most of the house frequently makes comments about how Nick might be gay because he shows no signs of attraction to GinaMarie while repeatedly and jokingly flirting with Andy.

Jessie also got into trouble with Aaryn for rubbing suntan lotion on David and now there are the McCrae and Judd situations. It’s almost funny how desperately Jessie wants a showmance compared to how much no guy wants any part of it. By next week she’ll be trying to turn Andy straight.

After the BBQ and the fight, Jessie cried to Judd about how she wants to leave the game because she needs love and isn’t getting any. I hope the producers of The Bachelor are watching, because Jessie is the kind of desperate, crazy chick that show thrives on.

The result of Jessie’s flirting with McCrae and fighting with Elissa is that the entire house is against her. No one trusts Jessie and she has become toxic to anyone’s game. But she’s still not a serious target because she’s not viewed as an actual threat.

However, Amanda and Aaryn have bonded over Jessie’s implosion and now Aaryn seems to be trusting the Amanda and McCrae duo, completely oblivious to the fact that they truly were behind the massive plot to backdoor David. Amanda and McCrae actually seem willing to play on both sides of the house until they have to make a choice. It helps that Nick’s shadiness is catching up with him, because Aaryn and Kaitlin don’t trust him at all, even telling GinaMarie that he’s not with them.

The dynamics have definitely changed in the second week of Big Brother 15, with Aaryn mellowing down quite a bit with power and everyone trying to play nice with her. People like Judd, Andy, Howard and Spencer seem to be doing a great job of staying out of everything.

The nominations, which will likely come on Friday, are the topic of debate among Aaryn, Jeremy and Kaitlin. Elissa is their one and only target, hoping that the second time people will ACTUALLY evict her. As for the second nominee, the top candidates are Helen, Candice and Jessie, all pawns. Jeremy is pushing for Helen because he thinks she’s smart and athletic and has the best chance of winning the Power of Veto, or more importantly, making sure Elissa doesn’t win it. Jeremy also thinks Helen, Candice and Elissa are in a solid alliance, so they need to take one of them out.

The MVP’s third nomination is something they are dismissing as unimportant, thinking that, if Elissa gets it, she might put up Jessie now that they’ve had a huge fight. They also think that, since Elissa will be nominated, she’ll want to pick a weaker player to nominate to make it easier to win the Power of Veto.

The Moving Company seems to be following Jeremy’s lead in trying to actually evict Elissa this week. He also wants Helen gone next week, but I doubt that will happen. It’s starting to seem like every week a different member of the MC will get to pick the target. Last week, Nick wanted David out, now it’s Jeremy’s turn to be the leader. It’s like the Brigade, except with more planning and strategy.

If I had to predict right now, I’d definitely say either Elissa, Candice or Jessie will be evicted in week 2. Amanda and McCrae are good with Aaryn and Elissa and the MC is protected.

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