As always, the penultimate episode of Big Brother is basically a giant clip show. Sure, we get to see part 1 of the final HoH for Big Brother 15, but mostly it’s just the three remaining Exterminators waxing nostalgic about this miserable season. As David says, “Dude, this is freaking lame.”

Watching it back, it’s easy to see why this season was so awful. The people who could’ve caused drama in a fun and entertaining way (Nick and Jeremy) went home early while the nasty, vicious, ugly people (Aaryn and Amanda) survived. Also, there’s the issue of Rachel’s sister being the MVP. And total morons like Candice who didn’t understand how lying worked.

“I Got Played Hard”

First up we go back to five hours before McCrae was evicted with Andy, Spencer and GinaMarie telling him about the Exterminators. He takes it a lot better than Britney took it when she learned about the Brigade. He’s frustrated, but mostly at himself for getting played.

The Exterminators respect McCrae and think he can handle the news, but in the diary room McCrae says he might be a bitter jury member against Andy for stabbing him in the back. Under normal circumstances I’d agree, but the problem is that neither Spencer nor GM are very appealing alternatives.

Clip Show

The Moving Company: We see Nick creating the first of many, many alliances this season. It just makes me miss Nick and Jeremy.

The Red Wine Fight: Once again, I still don’t think Jeremy’s cockiness against Helen is as scary as everyone else does (especially since Aaryn is to blame for stirring the pot). Sure, he’s a big guy with tattoos, but it’s more ridiculous than terrifying.

Rachel’s Sister: Ugh, remember how the first few episodes were all about how Elissa is Rachel’s sister? And how that’s the ONLY reason she won the MVP for the first three weeks? And how that’s the ONLY reason she survived the first two evictions? That’s another of the many causes for this terrible season.

McCranda: After going through all the showmances, we end up with these two. The Exterminators still believe the only reason they hooked up is because McCrae was the first HoH and Amanda forced her way into his bed and immediately started kissing him. Once again that’s all we see, despite the fact that those two were having sex nonsteop, even as early as that first week.

The McCranda Wedding: Our first unseen footage is of McCrae and Amanda’s fake wedding. The best part is Andy, dressed as Count Chocula, claiming that Aaryn and David had the sweetest showmance of the season, but he guesses McCranda is a close second.

Judd the Stud: Despite the fact that this wasn’t shown much during the season, we now see Judd flirting and making out with both Jessie and Aaryn. The dude was a major player, because I don’t really remember many other HGs hooking up with two different women in one season.

GM Goes Off: After Nick was evicted, GM went on her epic rant about cockroaches. It’s funny now that she’s at the end and all of those other people (Amanda, McCrae, Elissa, Helen, Judd) aren’t. You know, if it weren’t for her racist comments, I think GM’s aggressive shenanigans would’ve made her a fan favorite.

Candi-Land: Oh yes, remember when Candice called out Spencer in front of everyone? Man, she was so bad at this game, because as observant as she was about who was working with who, she screwed the pooch by using that information poorly. She just never understood how secrets and lies worked.

Amanda vs. Elissa: No one wants to watch this crap again. It’s just ugly.

Crying: Now it’s time for a montage of people crying in the diary room. GinaMarie, Andy, Judd, Elissa, McCrae, Kaitlin, Amanda, Helen, Jessie, Candice and Aaryn are all featured, and it ends with David awesomely saying “Dude, this is freaking lame.”

GM vs. Amanda: More unseen footage comes in the form of this fight the night before Amanda was evicted. It’s great because, at the time, both women were 100 percent sure the other was about to get blindsided, but only GM was right. It starts with GM being upset by Amanda’s stupid smirk and quickly devolves into GM calling Amanda a dirty whore.

Amanda then walks right up to GM and asks “Are you yelling in my face?” Um, yes she is, because that’s where Amanda put herself. Judd splits them up and nothing is resolved. GM’s mind is a mystery to me, and trying to argue with her is utterly futile.

When it’s done, Amanda yells at McCrae for not defending her. Ugh, Amanda is the woman in the bar who goes up to the biggest guy, grinds on him, then slaps him when he grabs her ass and says her boyfriend will beat the crap out of him, even though her boyfriend wants nothing to do with this. It’s at this point when McCrae probably realized he should’ve stayed with the Moving Company.

Andy vs. the Moth: In a moment that surpasses Andy vs. the Bird in the hammock, we see an unaired clip of Andy trying to catch a moth. Amanda almost makes me like her by saying “I have a strong feeling that this is gonna end poorly for Andy and stupendously for the moth.” Cut to Andy falling into the pool. And for more great commentary, Spencer adds “For all the floating that Andy’s done in this game., when that dude hits the water, he sinks like an anchor.”

The Final HoH, Part 1

The episode ends with the start of part 1 of the final HoH where the backyard is turned into a roller disco. The HGs must hold onto a rope while skating around a rink and the last person standing wins.

We don’t even get to see the end of it, which is doubly lame because the whole thing only took about 20 minutes.

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