In America’s Next Top Model Cycle 20: “The Boy Who Cries”, the contestants are shaken after last week’s emotional goodbye to Jeremy and Kanani. Will Marvin be able to pull himself together this week to stay in the competition?

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After the judges have spoken, the models sit together in a dark room, with several crying. Marvin is sobbing. “I miss Jeremy. My world was torn upside down. I almost lost Phil, and I lost the two people who were real.”

“I’m worried for Marvin,” said Cory, “but if you’re too sensitive and you can’t keep your head in the game and can’t focus, you will go home. This is still a competition. You just have to be mature about it.”

The contestants arrive back to the America’s Next Top Model house to see Jourdan’s winning nail glamor shot on the TV. Jourdan is happy to see her best photo but also embarrassed, as people are annoyed at her.

Marvin returns to his room to see that Jeremy left him a goodbye note and drawing. Others are trying to comfort him as they sit on the bed.

“See this s#*! has value to me,” Marvin says. “Every week we lose someone. Jeremy left me a nice note and it shows me who cares and who doesn’t. The room is getting empty and the house is getting empty.”

Phil has also started to feel anxious. “This house is making me go crazy!” He wants to run and hike. Today, standing in the kitchen area, he also wants to jump over Jiana’s head, who tries to stop him.

Jiana tells the confessional that she feels connected to Phil, but she is choosing not to focus on this relationship. “I’m not here to get distracted by anybody,” she says. “I’m feeling a little threatened by everybody, to be honest.”

Competition: Fear and Underwear in Los Angeles

The next day, all nine are refreshed and standing on a sunny street corner in for their Challenge. Fashion public relations maven Kelly Cutrone states, “This is the epicenter of trend and shopping in Los Angeles.”

For the challenge, Kelly states that the show partnered with for a fashion quiz. She will ask the contestants questions on fashion, and correct answers will give them credit to buy clothes today to create “killer looks.” Those looks will be judged, and the winner will receive a $2,000 gift card from

“To create a killer look you need a blank canvas, so you guys need to strip down now,” says Kelly. So everyone strips to their underwear on the street corner. (Note that all of the underwear is perfectly coordinated and tasteful: black bras, black bottoms that are neither too big nor too small. No thongs or rips or baggy boxers. Did the contestants know ahead of time?)

The quiz questions are as follows:

  1. “Who was the winner of the first Top Model?” Worth 25 credits. Four options. The models hold up cards with their answers scribbled on them. Andrienne Curry, of course. Most get it right.
  2. “Double the money, double the fun: who is this famous designer?” It is the face of Donatella Versace, for 50 credits. (Cory, who got it wrong, says, “I apologize to the whole fashion industry.”)
  3. “Who is the highest earning model of 2012?” It is Gisele Bundchen, for 75 credits.
  4. “What fashion trend was banned from Florida’s public schools?” It is sagging pants for 100 credits.

Phil does the worst, winning only 25 credits. “I deserve what I get with my lack of knowledge with the trivia,” he says.

The contestants have 30 minutes to spend the MyEveryNeed credits. They run to nearby stores and bounce down the aisles in their coordinated undergarments.

Cory says, “When I shop, I like to take my time and I only have a half hour. I’m definitely freaking out!”

Marvin is really shaken but trying to keep it together. “I miss Jeremy. I try to focus on why I’m here.”

The models run and compete for the attention of the sales staff. Renee says that she hates shopping, but they always complement her clothes so she feels good. “Black shoes, please!”

The half-hour ends, and the mayhem ceases. In the back of a store, the contestants line up before Kelly, wearing the looks they have purchased.

Monica Rose, fashion stylist for the Kardashians, judges the looks. She likes Jourdan’s dress, but not Cory’s pants. Kelly is not happy with Marvin’s rolled up pants and asks that he not visit her office dressed that way. Marvin sees that Chris changes the way he rolled his pants based on that critique, and he is not happy.

Monica doesn’t like Chris’s shirt choice, but she likes his physique. She says of Jiana’s dress, which has a cut-out section and ropes, “My eye is going to the middle, sexy and bondage.” Jiana is insecure about this. “I feel like I had it in the bag, and now the cat was out of the bag.”

With Phil’s 25 credits, all he can buy are ripped-up women’s clothes. “You are a cross-dressing Neanderthal,” says Cory to the camera later.

“I feel like you are mocking the situation,” says Monica regarding Phil’s choice.

Monica liked Nina’s outfit but not her shoes. She likes Renee’s skirt and says the slit is sexy. She likes both pieces, but not together.

Don flirts with Monica. While tugging his shirt open slightly he says, “I pick my shirts first to show off my tattoos.” He admits later that he tried to hypnotize Monica with his eyes. It works.

Don wins, receiving the $2,000 gift card. He is also allowed to pick two contestants to go out for ice cream. He chooses Renee and Marvin. “The ice cream was yummy and so was Renee,” he said.

That night the scores reveal that while Don, Nina, and Chris are among the top three in the challenge, Jiana is among the bottom once again with a score of 5. “I feel like there’s an anchor on my foot and I’m sinking,” says Jiana.

Chris H. and Marvin begin to fight. Chris sits in a chair and Marvin stands, yelling at him.
Anger escalates.

Marvin to Chris: “You have acne.”

Chris to Marvin: “You look like a monkey.”

Marvin to Chris: “Tyra Banks is the only person who likes you.” Marvin later says he is scared that he has that rage inside of him.

Photo Shoot: Lanark Art Gallery

The contestants wander in a daze around the Lanark Art Gallery. Famous model photos hang on the walls, but the contestants are confused. Jiana notices that a photo of Cindy Crawford is really Tyra Banks with a mole on it.

Tyra enters to clear up the confusion. “This is a global art exhibit,” she says. “The Supermodel, Tyra Untouched in Black and White.”

The pictures include living art, and the contestants themselves will be living art installations in the gallery.

“You are going to be made up very naturally, very soft,” Tyra says sweetly. “There is going to be paint thrown on you.” The action of the paint will be the moving piece of the photo.

Next the models enter hair and makeup, and then pose mostly nude for glamor shots covered in paint. Not easy to pull off.

Each model struggles to maintain composure as a solid color of paint from a large can splashes across their bodies.

“Think strong, think aggressive, remember your neck,” Don is told.

Cory is covered in blood-like red paint. “That’s masculine, nice job, your body looks great,” say the photographers.

“This shoot was just amazing,” Cory says. “I look like something out of the movie Carrie. This is such a mess.”

Chris H. is still haunted by his fight with Marvin. His eyes are a problem. “Think roman statue, strong and sculptured. Don’t freak out in your eyes,” say the photographers. “Don’t overthink it.”

“I can do better. I’m frustrated. I’m aggravated,” says Chris. “I’m trying too hard to get everything perfect. You have to bring it, if you don’t bring it, you can go home.”

Marvin is told to open his eyes as a large can of green paint is thrown at him. “Is this a joke?” says Marvin. “What human being wouldn’t close their eyes?”

Chris hopes that Marvin will go home. “I have a very sensitive side for verbal abuse. I don’t like anything he stands for,” says Chris. “Marvin doesn’t listen to direction.”

During makeup, Tyra shows Renee how to work her angles. “Stunning – that’s a model; that’s a top girl,” says Tyra. During the shoot, Renee is told to relax her face.

Jiana hates being sticky, which is not good for this photo shoot. She says she is “trying to do a graceful pose while oozing wet paint.”

Phil cuts his facial hair shorter because, as he says, “Social media hasn’t been too keen on my look.” He opts for a clean look rather than his Jesus image. “If I don’t pull out over 27 then I’m going home.”

Back at the house, the contestants are still half covered in paint and dying for a shower. Nina, Jourdan, and Jiana attack Chris for choosing to shower in the girls’ bathroom while they are still dripping with paint. Jourdan admits that Chris reminds him of her ex-husband and that makes her angry.

“I could cook a whole family dinner for everybody and have gospel meetings and it doesn’t matter, there’s nothing a could do to make people happy,” says Chris.

Meanwhile, Marvin is sobbing in the shower. “I’m scared of going home. I’m going back to insecure Marvin. This isn’t me.”

The other guys in the house try to comfort Marvin.

“I feel so disconnected. I feel like I don’t have any friends here,” he tells them. They realize that he is trying to push them away because he friends left the show. But the guys remind him that he is here to model, not to build relationships.

“We are your brothers in the house,” says Don. “We have to stay strong and make it to the final three.”

The Judges

The contestants are before the judges once again. They evaluate the living art photos, one by one:

  • Marvin – The judges found him relaxed and composed, but the fans were questioning his modeling skills. Score: 7,8,9
  • Don – He looks like a crazy guy painting a studio. He needs to learn to work his body and be a model, not just althletic. Score: 7,8,6
  • Jourdan – Her neck is long, long, long and she is the queen of social media. Score: 10, 10, 10!
  • Phil – Diaper palooza. His face looks stunning but with his beard and scraggly hair, he looks like a huge baby Jesus. His fans think he looks lost. Score: 5,7,6
  • Renee – She took what Tyra showed her and gained a queenly stateliness. Her look may have been too mature, but her fans loved it. Score: 7,10,8
  • Jiana – Poor Jiana, she is told that she is the ghost of Titanic (Kate Winslet drowning?) Her face and arms are awkward, and her fans are not responding well. Score: 5,7,6
  • Chris H. – His body is powerful and his eyes are fierce. Score: 9,7, 8
  • Cory – “A little Friday the 13th.” His androgeny works. Score:  8,9,8
  • Nina – Felt it was a little safe, but Kelly was very impressed. Tyra said she looked strong and powerful and a little sporty, but that’s good because she played against type. Score:  9,8,7

Jordan has the best photo and score overall, and Renee is second.

Phil and Jiana are in the bottom two again. Tyra says that Phil has great potential.

Tyra also says that Jiana started strong. Jiana “killed it” with great pictures, but then she sank. Jiana needs to understand her beauty and understanding the planes of her own face.

Jiana is eliminated. She falls to her knees weeping, and Phil hugs her. Tyra encourages Jiana that she may make the comeback and be allowed to return later in this America’s Next Top Model season. Do you agree?

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