It’s been a very long season of Big Brother 15 (and the endless racism and controversy didn’t help), but we’re almost at the end. Tonight another HG is evicted and we’ll be down to the Final 3 who will go to the live finale Wednesday night, where one of them will win half a million dollars.

Just as important, tonight we get a look inside the jury house. How will Candice and Aaryn and Jessie and Amanda and Elissa get along? As long as no one is murdered, it will go better than I expect.

BUT FIRST…this is my Big Brother 15 live blog!

McCrae vs. The Exterminators, Round 2

After Judd is gone, McCrae is still trying to avoid rocking the boat, but he also suspects the other three are working against him. This is one boat McCrae should be rocking.

The Exterminators are sad to get rid of one of their own, but they really only care about winning, so it doesn’t hurt too much. McCrae is still their primary target.

Andy’s HoH win makes everyone happy except McCrae, because he knows he’s screwed if he doesn’t win the Power of Veto. And he’s right.

The Exterminators agree that Andy’s nominations don’t matter at all because they’re so solid that GM or Spencer would definitely vote out McCrae over each other.

Andy nominates McCrae and Spencer. There’s no real reason, but it does bring Spencer up to eight nominations this season. Spencer lets us know that he’s a little freaked out that Andy nominated him instead of GM.

The Jury House

Let’s be honest, Big Brother needs to start doing an entire episode set at the jury house. It would be a lot more entertaining than the standard Sunday clip show we’ll be getting. This season, in particular, with so many feuds and fights and big players in the jury house, it’s what we all want to see, and now we do.

Original jurors Candice, Jessie and Helen are hanging out and getting over their bitterness. Aaryn shows up and everyone is so happy that Elissa knocked her out. After the interview with Julie Chen, Aaryn knows she made mistakes and instantly apologizes to Helen and Candice.

One week later Amanda walks in as Helen says Andy is going to be very hard to beat at the end. When Amanda tells her story, Helen starts to appreciate GM’s huge move breaking up McCranda.

When Amanda tells them about the Exterminators, they’re all shocked and Aaryn gloats about knowing how dangerous Andy is.

Then Elissa arrives and Amanda laments what an idiotic move McCrae made by getting rid of her. Amanda gives Elissa back her ring.

The best part is when Helen acknowledges that Andy’s deception and betrayal is just fantastic gameplay. See, she respects him, and now it’s very obvious that Andy is 100 percent winning this game if he makes it to the end. I hope all you haters will knock it off, because Andy really is just outplaying everyone.

Judd and the Women

Next up, Judd joins the six women in the jury house. Judd actually says that GM is the smartest person in the Exterminators. Elissa says GM has all the support in the jury, but Amanda and Candice are definitely NOT on board with that.

Amanda complains that GM just floated the whole time, but Judd and Candice fight back that McCrae floated too and just rode Amanda’s coattails.

Amanda claims McCrae was the most loyal player left, but no one else is buying that nonsense because all he did was sleep and hide behind Amanda.

Well, this certainly clarifies how the endgame could work. After this, I’m confident that Andy will win if he’s in the finale no matter who he’s against. A Spencer vs. GM finale would be a tough one. I guess Helen, Elissa, Aaryn and Judd would vote for GM, but I think Amanda, McCrae, Candice and Andy would go for Spencer. In other words, Jessie could be the tie-breaker.

The Power of Veto Competition

The HGs each have a spider web puzzle with clues about previous HGs and they must put it together correctly the fastest. If you guess wrong, all your pieces fall. Hmm, a puzzle with spiders and flies? I have to assume the producers did this intentionally because of the Exterminators. It works nicely on a thematic level.

Andy has the best strategy because he looks for clues that only apply to one person and gets them up first.

McCrae buzzes in first, but he’s wrong. Andy buzzes next and he’s right. Andy wins the Power of Veto! The Exterminators celebrate.

Afterwards, Spencer goes to work with Andy telling him that he can’t take GM to the end because she would win. I’m not sure what Spencer is doing, because he also says this to McCrae. Is he trying to get GM out now so they can take McCrae to the Final 3? This seems like very misleading editing given what I’ve seen on the live feeds for the past 24 hours.

McCrae talks to Andy about how bitter the jury is, and Spencer and GM haven’t stabbed as many people in the back as Andy did. His argument that Andy could only beat McCrae at the end is clearly faulty. Everyone assumes the jury will be bitter, but they’ve had enough time to get over it. Helen is a huge help for Andy, because she’s mature, respected and is probably the least bitter. Plus, people like Candice and Amanda will NEVER vote for GM.

The Eviction

Julie Chen lets us know that hours before the live episode began, the Exterminators came clean to McCrae.

Before the actual eviction, we get the Power of Veto ceremony. McCrae asks Andy to use the veto on him because he’s “very bad radical.”

Andy does NOT use the Power of Veto!

Ha, suck on that, commenters who said I was stupid for predicting this.

McCrae’s speech is about not having any hard feelings and Spencer adds nothing else.

GinaMarie votes to evict…McCrae!

Her speech is nice about how much they all love him and respect him as a gameplayer and that he’s an All-Star.

Outside, McCrae gets a huge ovation. Could he possibly beat Elissa for America’s Favorite?

Julie shows us a quick clip of the Exterminators revealing themselves a few hours ago. McCrae explains that he did suspect something was wrong with Andy, but he was shocked and respected the move.

McCrae just didn’t think Andy’s alliance was that strong and now he regrets getting rid of Elissa. He calls himself a wuss. Aww, he’s kind of sweet and self-deprecating.

Julie asks about the showmance, and McCrae says Amanda left too late because there was no time left for him to really play on his own without her. McCrae simply says “I don’t know” about his future with Amanda.

Goodbye Messages: Like GM’s speech, they all talk about how much they love McCrae.

McCrae’s final thoughts are that he wishes he distanced himself from Amanda more. The audience cheers.

The Final 3

Instead of starting part 1 of the final HoH competition, Julie talks to the Final 3 Exterminators and Andy explains that they told McCrae about the plan because they respect him and love him, a lot more than all the other Exterminator targets.

That’s it for tonight. Julie lets us know Sunday will be a clip show (with never-before-seen footage like the McCranda wedding and another Amanda/GM fight). Then on Wednesday we’ll get the finale with the winner and Dr. Will Kirby “confronting” the jury. That should be interesting. I wonder how long it will take Jessie to flirt with him.

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