There’s nothing left but the waiting on Big Brother 15. The second part of the final HoH competition was held today, and now the final three HGs have nothing to do until Wednesday’s live finale when part 3 will be held and a winner will be chosen by the jury.

SPOILER WARNING: This article contains Big Brother 15 spoilers.

GinaMarie won part 1 of the final HoH.

Andy won part 2!

The competition involved finding crabs in a sandpit with HGs faces on them and having to climb a rock wall to place them in the order they were evicted.

Now we have some drama. Despite the fact that everyone in the Final 3 has made deals with everyone else to take each other to the end, I only believe the ones involving Spencer. It seems obvious that Andy and GM both know they are each other’s biggest threats, so whoever wins will almost certainly take Spencer with them to the finale.

The third part of the final HoH is then the single most important competition, as it will basically decide the winner. If Andy and Spencer are at the end, I’m confident Andy will win in a landslide, possibly a unanimous jury vote. People like Helen are in the jury house campaigning for Andy’s brilliant gameplay and there’s really no one who actually supports Spencer.

A GM vs. Spencer finale is more difficult to predict. From what we saw in the jury house, it’s obvious that Elissa and Judd support GM, and I suspect Aaryn and Helen would as well in this case. But Candice and Amanda hate GM and would probably never vote for her, and I think they could sway McCrae and Andy, thus making Jessie the important swing vote. I feel like GM would have a better case, simply because Spencer will have been dragged to the end as the ultimate pawn.

That would be bad for CBS, from a P.R. perspective, as GM used the “N” word and was subsequently fired from her job in the real world. For someone like that to win the game (and half a million dollars) would be a pretty big stain on Big Brother‘s reputation.


-As I previously wrote, the winner of part 1 has won the final HoH nine times out of 13, giving GM an advantage.

-However, there have only been five times that the winner of the first part also won the game, while seven winners of the second part have won, giving an edge to Andy.

-Season 6’s Maggie Ausburn is the only winner who did not win either part of the final HoH, so Spencer’s chances are very low. Also, only four people have made it into the finale without winning any part of the final HoH, and they were all women, so Spencer would be the first man to make it to the end without winning either part of the final HoH.

-No woman has ever won in the finale when sitting next to a man, making GM’s road to victory more difficult.

-Season 7’s Mike “Boogie” Malin and season 8’s Evel Dick Donato are the only winners over the age of 30, so either GM or Spencer could join them.

-Neither Andy nor GM have ever received a single eviction vote against them. Only 11 HGs have made it to the end without having a vote cast against them, so at least one of them will join that list.

-Technically, this will be Spencer’s ninth nomination as he will be one of the two people eligible to be evicted in third place. More impressively, he was only saved once with the Power of Veto, so if he makes it to the end, he will have survived eight possible evictions.

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