On Big Brother 14, Shane won the first three Power of Veto competitions while Frank has won the last three (Danielle won one in between). Those two men have dominated the game, but did one of them win for the fourth time or did someone new take the prize?

SPOILER WARNING: This article contains Big Brother 14 spoilers.

Frank is the HoH and he nominated Dan and Danielle. Frank also opened Pandora’s Box and a game was held where Ian won a Golden Veto Ball that basically acts as a second Veto for this week. Shane, Britney and Jenn were chosen o play for the PoV.

Jenn won the Power of Veto.

Who? Seriously, how did Jenn pull out a win? And why? She was in no danger and had no need to take any punishments.

A bigger shocker is that Frank got disqualified from the copetition for talking during it, because the HGs were in their separate booths with buzzers. I’m curious to see how that works and if his DQ affected the outcome of the game.

Jenn has already told Danielle and Frank she is NOT using it, and Ian has also announced to Frank and Jenn that he won’t be using his Golden Veto Ball either. In other words, Dan will be evicted in five days by a vote of 5-0 and nothing will change that. Welcome to a boring week.

Anyway, the competition involved the HGs trying to guess what a picture was as it was slowly revealed, and if you guessed correctly, you got a punishment worth a certain number of points. If you refused, you were eliminated. I’ll be curious to see how it plays out, but I really hate any competition that includes a buzzer It’s too easy to tamper with by production and it turns into a game that’s just about buzzing and not actually about who wants it the most.

This game was much better when HGs would have to write down how much of something they’d do, and then the person who was lowest was out and the person who was highest had to do it.

Here’s a rundown of all the punishments, each worth different points. Frank would’ve won if not for the DQ. Despite the alleged plan for Shane and/or Britney to win to protect the Quack Pack, they got the fewest number of punishments, and Shane got none at all.

-Frank is wearing a carrot suit for the week

-Frank can’t play in the next two HoH competitions (this one isn’t really fair to the others since Frank was already not playing next week as outgoing HoH, so really he only gave up one HoH instead of two)

-Frank has to take a chum shower

-Frank has to take an avocado bath

-Dan has to eat nasty food

-Dan is in solitary confinement in the Have-Not room with a strobe light and funky music. He can eat cake and beer despite being a Have-Not for the week

-Britney and Danielle will be shackled together for 24 hours

-Danielle got paint thrown on her for two minutes

-Jenn burned her clothes

-Jenn is on slop for the rest of the summer

Here’s are photos of Frank in his carrot suit and Dan in his party room with turntables.

bb14pov-danpartyroom.jpgJenn winning is definitely a shocker, but not an interesting one. She’s a non-factor in this game and, when she doesn’t use it, she will continue to be a non-factor. The worst part for Dan is that he’s confined and can’t even argue his case for 24 hours. I’m sure he’ll try exposing the Quack Pack, but it won’t matter.

The only good thing is Frank not being able to play in the next two HoH competitions. That means, for two weeks, he will have to win the Power of Veto or, most likely, he’ll be evicted. At least I hope so, because leaving him in the game at this point is just stupid. With Dan gone, Ian and Britney are the only two people who I even remotely think deserve to win.

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