Frank Eudy, the 28-year-old unemployed son of a professional wrestler, is turning out to be one of the most polarizing figures in Big Brother history. For some people, his competition supremacy and laidback charm make him the ideal combination of past favorites Janelle and Jeff. For others, his hypocrisy and bullying are more reminiscent of Brendon and Rachel.

SPOILER WARNING: This article contains Big Brother 14 spoilers.

I fall into the latter category. In fact, I think the similarities to Brenchel are astounding. Just like in season 12, the big, strong Frank lost his best friend and romantic partner in one week. If you combine Boogie and Ashley, you get the Rachel to Frank’s Brendon.

This week, following the double eviction, Frank won the HoH, just like when Brendon won after Rachel was evicted. The only real difference is that I doubt Dan will have a special power to save himself from the big dummy (in this comparison, Dan is Matt).

But aside from the obvious comparisons between Frank and the obnoxious Neandertal, there are plenty of reasons I can’t stand Frank.

Here are my five biggest reasons for hating Frank Eudy on Big Brother 14.

His Douchey Slang

Douchebaggery is subjective, but can we all agree that Frank’s constant use of “preesh” (slang for “I appreciate it”) is just plain awful? Much like with Schmidt on New Girl, I feel like the house needs a Douche Jar. Even worse than “preesh” is the phrase “on the reg,” which refers to doing something on a regular basis. It’s impossible to hear that phrase without picturing a guy in an Ed Hardy t-shirt.

His Bullying

When he was nominated in week 1, Frank gave a speech about how bullying is wrong, targeting Willie. But now here we are and for all of last week Frank was united with Boogie to taunt and berate Dan and Shane. I might be OK with this blatant hypocrisy if Frank would own up to it, but on the live feeds he has tried to explain that what he’s doing is NOT bullying. That’s basically the adult equivalent of putting your hand right next to someone’s face and repeatedly saying “I’m not touching you.”

His Hypocrisy, Re: Being a Puppet

Frank’s big complaint about Shane was that he was being Dan’s puppet, doing Dan’s dirty work and not playing for himself. I’ll admit that’s not entirely false, and I also realize that Frank is unaware of the extent to which Ian is really to blame. But regardless, the week before, Frank desperately wanted to backdoor Dan and instead, he did exactly what Boogie told him to do. Getting rid of Dan was a good idea for Frank’s game, but Boogie wanted to work with him. If Shane was Dan’s puppet, then Frank was Boogie’s. One of my biggest pet peeves on Big Brother is this kind of pot/kettle name-calling.

His Lack of a Social Game

Yes, Frank is dominant in competitions. With several weeks left, he already has three HoH wins and three PoV wins, making him the only guy in the history of the show to win six competitions in a single season. However, as Janelle can attest, winning competitions isn’t everything. There’s also a social component to this game, and obviously Frank’s sucks.

He talks about how he has to fight hard every week to stay and how he’s been nominated every time he hasn’t won HoH. That’s not something to be proud of. It’s proof that his social game is terrible, because good social players (like Dr. Will Kirby) can survive without having to win competitions. Again, this is also a hypocrisy issue, because Frank thinks he has a great social game.

His Assistance from Production

This isn’t Frank’s fault, and I know some people don’t like it when people accuse Big Brother of fixing the game, but I can’t help it. The fact is that there are way too many people in the house this late in the game, and I genuinely believe that it’s because there was no eviction during week 3 even though there should’ve been one. I have no proof of this, but I believe that production decided to void the week 3 nominations (when Frank was 100 percent getting evicted) because they wanted to keep him. There was absolutely no reason for the reset twist to be tied to negating the nominations. It seemed unusual at the time, and looking back on it, I believe the producers would not have done that if they thought it was Joe who was going to get evicted.

And I’m not alone. Thursday night on Big Brother: After Dark, Shane, Danielle and Britney were talking about how they’re going to be furious if Frank gets a Pandora’s Box this week that contains a special power like the Diamond Power of Veto, which is the same thing I’ve been scared of happening. Even the other HGs think that production is in the tank for Frank.

Now it’s your turn. Am I right about Frank and is he really as bad as Brendon and Rachel? Or am I a total moron and hater who doesn’t preesh Frank’s greatness?

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