The end of Big Brother 14 is in sight now that the first jury member has left the game. With alliances being forced to turn on each other, this week is full of some interesting scheming.

SPOILER WARNING: This article contains Big Brother 14 spoilers.

Frank won the HoH.

Dan and Danielle are nominated.

In addition, Pandora’s Box was opened and a competition was held for a special power. Ian won it, and it’s a second Power of Veto for this week. However, it means he cannot compete in the actual PoV competition.

As for the nominations, despite Boogie’s warning and the fact that Ian nominated Frank and Ashley, Frank still thinks Dan was manipulating Ian and controlling his feeble, 21-year-old, childish brain. I guess Ian is playing a brilliant game if Frank still doesn’t realize what happened. Either that or Boogie and Frank repeated that Dan is a scumbag so many times that Frank is unable to think anything else.

Frank: Love Him or Hate Him?>>

It’s clear that Dan is Frank’s only target. Dan at least came up and talked to Frank before the nominations and continued to be nice, which is a whole lot more than Frank did last week. Frank still seems to be holding several grudges from the past, but all of them are based on incorrect assumptions.

Frank thinks Dan was responsible for the original plot to evict him in week 3, when in reality that was masterminded by Britney’s paranoia over Ian’s shady answer.

Frank also still thinks Dan told Britney to tell Shane that Boogie and Frank were coming after him, even though we know that was Ian’s doing.

So while I understand Frank’s desire to get Dan out of the game, he’s doing it for the wrong reasons. It’s also frustrating to hear Frank talk about how much he loves this game and how he doesn’t like floaters, but he’s obviously going to take out a huge player and keep the floaters. I’m so sick and tired of people hating on floaters, because the people who hate floaters NEVER try to get rid of the floaters.

While Frank obviously didn’t buy anything Dan was selling, Britney was playing a much, much more clever game. She got into some serious game talk with Frank before the nominations. She was doing a great job of making Frank trust her, which may or may not be true, but I like to think she’s just playing him and will totally try to get him out next week.

To continue my comparison to season 12 (with Frank as Brendon), Britney is playing the Enzo role, trying to cozy up to Brendon for a little bit before cutting him down next week.

The game is now all about the Power of Veto competition. If Dan or Danielle win it they’ll save themselves and Britney or Shane will most likely go up as a replacement pawn. If Shane or Britney win, there’s a chance they’ll try to rally the Quack Pack so they could use both of the Vetoes (including Ian’s new power) to ensure Jenn or Joe would get nominated. If Joe, Jenn or Frank win, the nominations stay the same and Dan is gone.

What do you think of the nominations? Are you rooting for Dan to win the Power of Veto to hopefully result in Danielle leaving? Or do you want Frank to get his misguided revenge on Dan? Or are you rooting for a Quack Pack victory that gets Joe evicted this week (a la Kathy last season)?

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