On Big Brother 14, the Power of Veto has been used six out of eight times so far. That’s a lot of change. Was it used yet again this week?

SPOILER WARNING: This article contains Big Brother 14 spoilers.

Dan won the Power of Veto.

He saved Jenn and Joe was nominated as the replacement.

You can call this a case of tit for tat (literally with Jenn). Last week Jenn save Dan, now he saved her. But none of this really matters because Frank is still the target.

Even Jenn has pretty much turned on Frank, sensing the shifting tide and aligning herself with Dan and Danielle. Right now there are so many deals and lies going on in the house that it’s hard to keep track.

Dan is in a Final 4 deal with the Quack Pack (Shane, Danielle and Ian). He also has separate Final 3 deals with Danielle and Jenn and Danielle and Shane. Then he has Final 2 deals with Danielle and Ian.

Dan told the Quack Pack he was using the Power of Veto, but he wanted to make it look like Ian didn’t want him to do it to convince Jenn and Joe that Ian and Shane still hate Dan. He also wants Ian to get close to Joe so Dan can tell Jenn that Joe and Ian have a Final 2 deal (a lie) so that, if Jenn wins the next HoH, she’ll nominate Joe and the Quack Pack can stay together.

Do you see what I mean about lies? Dan is still trying to convince everyone that everyone else hates him because of the funeral, but the truth is that very few people actually do. It’s a delicate house of cards he’s building, but no one seems to care or notice. If Dan doesn’t win this season, it might be a complete waste.

Right now, the funniest moments are coming when Ian talks to other people about what they’d do if Joe and Jenn were in the final 2. Aside from a mass suicide, Ian seems to think Joe would deserve it more because he formed the Diversity Alliance (remember when Janelle and Boogie’s teams were united for ONE WEEK).

Of course there’s no way in hell Joe and Jenn will be the final 2. Right now I’d say Dan deserves to win the most, followed by Ian, then maybe Danielle or Shane (I’d put her higher just because she has the magic of Dan rubbing off on her), then Joe and Jenn. I leave out Frank because he’s definitely going home this week.

What do you think about this week? Is Frank definitely gone? Will Joe or Jenn go in the double eviction, leading to a Quack Pack Final 4? Does anyone other than Dan or Ian deserve to win?

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