For the third time on Big Brother 14, Pandora’s Box made an appearance. And just like last time, it involved a former houseguest.

SPOILER WARNING: This article contains Big Brother 14 spoilers.

Ian is the current HoH after winning it for the third time this season. He also got his second Pandora’s Box, making him the first HG ever to get two of them.

By opening the Pandora’s Box, all five HGs got special video messages. Danielle, Shane, Jenn and Dan all got messages from their loved ones and families. Dan was crying after getting to see his wife, Chelsea.

Ian, however, got a special video message not from his family, but from former Big Brother winner Rachel Reilly. However, it was just a video, she wasn’t actually in the house, probably because Saturday is her wedding to Brendon Villegas. I guess getting to be on this Sunday’s episode is the show’s wedding present to her.

Are you excited to see video messages from the loved ones? Or are you even more stoked to see Rachel on Big Brother for the third straight year?

Later on Friday will be the nomination ceremony, though they’re largely pointless because the Power of Veto is all that matters. It sounds like Shane and Jenn will be the nominations and the basic idea is that unless Jenn wins the PoV, she’s going home. At least that’s what Ian thinks. There’s a chance that Dan will try and use this as an opportunity to convince Danielle to cut Shane and keep Jenn.

My guess is that if Ian, Danielle or Dan win, nominations will stay the same. If Shane wins and saves himself, Danielle will be the pawn and Jenn will get evicted (or Shane might be stupid enough not to use it on himself and get Marcellas’ed). If Jenn wins the PoV, I suspect Danielle will go up next to Shane and Shane will go, although Ian would rather have Danielle go.

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