Two weeks ago on Big Brother 14, there was a live double eviction that sent Boogie and Ashley out the door. Five weeks ago, Frank and Joe were nominated against each other, only to both be saved by the Reset. Tonight the show repeats both of those scenarios as Frank and Joe sit on the block once again and we head into the second live double eviction of the season.

What fresh chaos will ensue this week? Probably not as much as last time since everyone EXCEPT Frank knows that he’s going to get evicted first. Much like during season 10, the battle lines are drawn and now it’s just a matter of executing the plans. There’s nowhere left to hide and there’s a 90 percent chance Jenn or Joe will be following Frank out the door.

I’ll be here throughout the exciting, pulse-pounding hour, so join me on the second fastest night of the summer.

I may agree that Dan’s funeral is the greatest move in Big Brother history, but the way this show is hyping it up, it’s making it so that if anyone other than Dan wins this season, it will be a travesty.

After the Power of Veto Ceremony

Watching Frank act so confident about staying against Joe is just getting sad. Even better is that Dan accidentally slips, asking Frank about what happens if Joe wins the next HoH (a situation that only arises if Frank gets evicted). Frank says that he’s worried because he’s been lied to every single time. Somehow, despite realizing this, Frank STILL trusts Dan. There’s a chance Frank might be the worst player ever, because the house has betrayed him two times before, and yet he still believes them.

Equally stupid is Joe. Late at night he tries to tell Shane about a chat he had with Dan, but Joe doesn’t realize it’s Dan that he’s talking to. It’s very funny, but it would’ve been a lot better if Dan let Joe believe it a little longer so he could’ve heard everything Joe had to say about him.

Nominee Speeches #1

Frank says that he’s vulnerable and can’t play in the next HoH, so they should keep him.

Joe announces that he’s the biggest threat…in the kitchen.

The First Vote

Dan votes to evict…FRANK
Danielle votes to evict…FRANK
Jenn votes to evict…JOE
Shane votes to evict…FRANK


Ding dong, the hairy orange beast is dead! Frank wastes very little time leaving, only hugging Jenn. Frank is shell-shocked, but he understands that Dan and Danielle betrayed him again. Frank is kicking himself for trusting Dan and Julie suggests that Frank’s trusting nature is what screwed him over. That’s what you get for playing an honest, trusting game. Julie is acting like she wants to make Frank cry with her questions, but he’s not giving it to her.

Joe’s goodbye message is that not getting rid of Dan was Frank’s biggest mistake. Ian says simply that Frank was his biggest threat to winning. Dan says basically the same thing, and Frank says there are absolutely hard feelings towards Dan.

The HoH Competition

Julie reads quotes from evicted HGs and identify who said it. Whoever gets the most right in seven questions wins.

Question 1: Jenn gets a point.
Question 2: Jenn, Dan and Danielle get a point.
Question 3: Joe, Shane, Dan and Danielle get a point.
Question 4: Jenn, Dan and Danielle get a point.
Question 5: Jenn, Dan and Danielle get a point.
Question 6: Jenn, Dan and Danielle get a point.
Question 7: No one gets a point.

It’s a three-way tie with Jenn, Dan and Danielle, so it goes to a tie-breaker.

How many minutes was Jodi in the house?

Jenn says 160.
Dan says 363.
Danielle says. 230

The answer is 48 (aka 8 hours).


Uh-oh, thus begins Dan’s total domination of the game. Just like season 10, he follows up his first PoV win with his first HoH win.


Joe sits in the chair before Dan even talks. Dan nominates Joe and Ian, marking the first time Ian has been nominated all season. Now that’s interesting. Just like season 10, Dan wins HoH and nominates his Renegade partner to hide their deal. This also marks the fifth time Joe has been nominated.

The Power of Veto

The HGs must work a shark fin through a massive maze, remove it and hit their buzzer. And the show plays some Jaws soundalike music during the game to make it more interesting.

It’s a close race, except for Shane, who is stuck at the start the whole time. Poor, dumb Shane.


Not too shabby. For the second time during a double eviction, one of the nominees wins the Power of Veto. This marks Ian’s fourth win. The kid is definitely becoming a huge threat. Also, in keeping with my season 10 comparison, when Dan nominated his fellow Renegade, Memphis won the Power of Veto.

Ian saves himself, of course. Dan nominates Danielle!


Obviously Dan wants Joe out, and he was worried that if he nominated Jenn, everyone would’ve voted her out. Dan is playing with fire right now, but this is probably the smartest move to get his way because there’s NO WAY Shane and Jenn will vote out Danielle. But still, Dan literally just nominated two people he has Final 2 deals with. The gasp from the audience when he did it was priceless. Let’s just hope Danielle understands, but I suspect she’ll be crying a lot over this.

Nominee Speeches #2

Danielle tells everyone to keep her.

Joe is just kind of exasperated.

The Second Vote

Shane votes to evict…JOE
Jenn votes to evict…JOE
Ian votes to evict…JOE


Finally, the first unanimous vote of the season. Joe is a good sport about it. A very good sport, as he’s the most excited person walking out the door all season.

Joe blames the showmance for him getting evicted, making jokes about how he couldn’t offer Shane the same things Danielle did. He also claims his “strategy” was to lose competitions on purpose. He’s pretty darn awesome and loveable. Julie ends by asking what on Earth that thing on his face is. ZING!

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Next Wednesday is a live eviction episode, as is Thursday. So in the sdpan of seven days they will send home four people and we’ll be down to our final 3.

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