With very little fuss, we’re getting right to the results tonight! All That!, Shanice and Maurice hayes, and Lightwire Theater come out on stage and of course Lightwire Theater will move to the Top 4.

Up next, Jacob Williams, David Garibaldi and his CMYKs, and Sebastien El Charro de Oro hit the stage next. I have a feeling this one will go to David Garibaldi. They put on such a great show, and went last! I’m not sure why Nick Cannon prefaced this result with “in no particular order,” but he did. David Garibaldi and His CMYKs are moving forward, naturally.

So now there’s this thing called the Snapple Cameo Vote, which allows the audience to vote for one of their favorite acts to come back and perform one more time just for our viewing pleasure. I don’t know why this is happening, but I’m pleased that it is because the Snapple Cameo Vote went to a magician! He put himself in a microwave, and I was also very pleased by that. Then he turned into a black breakdancing guy! I loved it, especially when Nick Cannon so perfectly summarized, “jump into the microwave and turn into a black man!”

Then we got to see what was popping in the Orville Lounge, and what was NOT popping was any popcorn in a microwave. It came out of a bag. But I guess you never know what will come out of a microwave these days.

“The youngest rock band” performed next and brought me back down into my usual surliness after an all-time high from that magician. Oh, but Dee Snider came out, so that was a nice old surprise! Who were those children, though.

The next acts to be judged are Clint Carvalho, Olate Dogs, and All Wheel Sports. Clint Carvalho thinks he has the best animal act out there and he obviously doesn’t have his thumb on the pulse of what America LOVES and thinks is cute/tolerable. Hint: it’s not birds. This one is going to Olate Dogs or I will eat my HAT. No hat eating will happen tonight because Olate Dogs are IN and Sharon rises to her feet with delight. Me too!

The final group is Tim Hockenberry, The Magic of Puck, and The Untouchables. This is a tough one, because I think it could go to the singer OR the dance group. Puck didn’t microwave himself, so …

The final spot in the Top 4 goes to … The Untouchables. Too bad for Tim Hockenberry, but good news for non-singing acts this year. We just love how that little girl cries about how hard they worked!

What is Train doing here again? Why not, I guess.

So four acts remain, two will face the judges’ choice and two will go through. And they’d better not run past the allotted hour this time. That dog act better be moving through immediately. And it had better win this whole thing. The first act moving through is The Untouchables. I did not see that coming. Olate Dogs moves through next, and Sharon is so happy she doesn’t have to choose between them and something else.

The last spot will be between Lightwire Theater and David Garibaldi. I’d like to see it go to David Garibaldi. Sharon likes both acts, and so do I, but after calling it a travesty, she chooses Lightwire Theater. Howie chooses David Garibaldi. I feel like Howard will choose Lightwire because he had some critical feedback for the CMYKs last night. But he gives it to David Garibaldi and His CMYKs! Sorry, Lightwire.

Who would you have put through?

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