After a second double eviction night on Big Brother 14, we’re down to our final five. Frank and Joe were sent to the jury house after Dan won HoH and Ian won PoV during the live episode. Now it’s time for a new HoH who will get a shortened reign as the next person will go home Wednesday night, with another eviction slated for next Thursday.

With Dan as the outgoing HoH, only Ian, Shane, Danielle and Jenn get to compete.

SPOILER WARNING: This article contains Big Brother 14 spoilers.

Ian won HoH!

Wow, that kid is killing it because this is his third straight HoH win in a row (not counting the ones he couldn’t play in). And in the two weeks in between, he won the Power of Veto. Since Thursday was a double eviction, it also means he gets the HoH room for a second straight week.

The competition was the one where they needed to aim a ball at a day that a specific event happened (the same one Jerry won during the final 5 of Dan’s season). Somehow Shane came in second place.

Since Ian is loyal to the Quack Pack, Jenn will be one of the nominees, and Ian will have to decide who will be the pawn. The real test will be if Jenn wins the Power of Veto and the Quack Pack is forced to turn on each other.

UPDATE: Ian originally suggested putting Dan up (to Dan) to hide their alliance. But Dan is worried because if Jenn wins the PoV, then Dan would probably go home unless Shane was put up, but Ian is saying that Danielle would be his back-up goal because Shane is so stupid that he’s worth keeping in for these final competitions, which are more mental (not his words, but that’s obviously his thinking). So Dan is trying to pitch Shane as the second nominee, then if Shane wins, Danielle can be a replacement.

At this point, the Power of Veto matters more than HoH. Danielle is upset (because she wants Ian out since he’s such a dangerous competitor), but Dan told her that it’s good because it means Ian can’t play in the next HoH, so he will need to win the final Power of Veto or he will most likely be evicted.

The PoV will be the real test this week, but it’s clear that Ian is one very dangerous person to have in the endgame because he’s so good at everything. He’s won a quiz (first HoH), skill (claw machine veto ball), endurance (hanging on the rope around the sun) and a puzzle (the shark veto). And now he can add a skill/quiz game to that list.

I’ve said that Dan will definitely win this season, but Ian has quickly become the man to beat, and I think he could even take Dan out in the finale.

And the male domination is also continuing. Frank won six competitions while Ian and Shane each have five. Ten of the 11 HoHs have been men (more than any other season) and nine of the 11 PoVs have been won by men (also more than any other season). That’s more than 86 percent male victories. It’s even scarier when you realize the only reason women have won three competitions instead of two is that Frank got DQed from the Draw Something PoV.

That’s definitely way above the overall average (which is 55 percent men) and way above the previous high (seasons 9 and 12 each had 71 percent male victories). Without a doubt, Big Brother 14 is a man’s world.

Here are a few more fun facts:

-At 7th place, Frank has the worst finish out of anyone who has won three HoHs. The previous worst was fourth place by Hardy in season 2 and Nakomis in season 5.

-Frank also has the worst finish out of anyone who has won at least five competitions. The previous worst was Crazy James from season 9, who finished in sixth place with five wins.

-I’m not totally sure, but Joe might be the worst player ever in terms of competitions. He played in 16 HoH or PoV competitions and didn’t win any. By recent comparison, Shelly Moore only played in 13 last season without winning any.

-In the history of the game, only 11 players have won at least five competitions in a single season. Three of them come from this year (Frank, Shane and Ian). And two others appeared this season (Janelle and Dan).

-Ian Terry is just the 12th person to win three HoH competitions in a single season. Six of them have been winners, including Dan Gheesling.

-If Ian wins the game, he will become the youngest winner in the history of Big Brother U.S. at 21.5 years (the finale falls EXACTLY on his half-birthday). He would narrowly beat season 1 winner Eddie McGee, who was just over 21 years and 7 months when he won.

-If Jenn somehow wins the game, she will become the second oldest person to do so at 37. In fact, out of 13 seasons, there are only two winners not in their 20s: Mike Boogie was 36 when he won All-Stars and Evel Dick was 44 when he won season 8. The only other won who came close was season 9’s Adam, who won three days before his 30th birthday. If Dan wins, he would become the fourth oldest person out of 14 winners (a list that would include himself twice).

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